Ball Mill Grinder,as hammer crusher or cone crusher,is mainly used to grind materials in mineral, cement, refractory, chemical industry, etc. Ball Mill has dry and wet ways. When wet Ball Mill works, certain water and other liquid will be added into materials to increase flowability of materials, then the capacity is increased. When dry Ball Mill works, capacity is affected because material flowability is reduced, so absorbing wind device is needed on the outlet of Ball Mill, and then negative pressure is formed in the ball mill to increase flowability of material, so the capacity is increased.A ball mill is a type of grinder used to grind materials into extremely fine powder for use in mineral dressing processes, paints, pyrotechnics, and ceramics. Aside from common ball mills there is a second type of ball mill called Planetary Ball Mill. Planetary ball mills are smaller than common ball mills and mainly used in laboratories for grinding sample material down to very small sizes.


At present, most small ball mills appear in market are equipped with medium diameter roller bearing. These kind bearing bases mostly adopt dry oil lubrication. But in recent years, because the operator and oilman cannot observe the oil level and complement oil in a timely manner, resulting in lubricating greases in bearings mounted in the box cannot be clearly reflected and leads a shortage of oil. This will not only cause a shortened service life of bearings, but also can cause damage to bearing. It will bring bearing manufacturers a lot of inconvenience and economic loss. In order to solve this problem, Hongxing Mining machinery has recently developed thin oil rolling bearings lubrication. This new form of hollow shaft with rolling bearing installation method is a progress and improvement on the basis of the original installation method. This new thin oil lubrication bearing seat is essential to ensure good lubrication of the bearing. To a service-oriented brand integrity,As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery,

The lower part of such bearing base consists of two oil rooms and a circulating water room. In each lubricating oil room, the oil height can reach in the position of inner diameter of the bearing, the floor plane can reach the oil room floor. One-third volume of rolling bearing is immersed in thin lubricating oil room, which ensures good lubrication of rolling bearings. There is circulating cooling water between the two oil rooms, and cooling water will cool bearings to a proper temperature. So, it is able to guarantee bearing lubrication requirements, and does not need to use such complex peripheral facilities as extra lubrication station, neither install temperature control device, this system itself can achieve safe operation.