SCR equipped engines require less cooling noise

Recently, CNH and other manufacturers that have adopted SCR point to the greater simplicity of the system – there is no EGR on the engine, which reduces cost as well as complexity of the ball mill machine. They also claim the higher engine temperature means better fuel combustion characteristics and therefore greater efficiency, and that SCR-equipped engines require less cooling, which means less noise from the fan.
Whether excavators feature an SCR or EGR/DPF emission reduction package, most of the new machines on the market claim efficiency improvements over the models they replace. This may not necessarily mean they burn less fuel than their predecessors, the more common claim is that they get more work done per litre of diesel. The government has also announced a US$ 613 million development package for all Saudi Arabia’s nine ports, including significant enhancements at the largest Jeddah Islamic Port on the Red Sea.
In addition, 742 new schools and 40 new collages are
to be constructed in the education sector, which has a budget of US$ 45 billion this year, while 17 new hospitals are planned under the US$ 23.1 billion healthcare budget, in addition to
the 130 under construction. However, for some machines Case has opted for an EGR engine. The 47 tonne CX470C which was launched at Intermat for example uses a 270 kW diesel with this emission reduction technology on board. The company says that compared to the CX470B it replaces, the new model offers a 6% increase in lift capacity, greater digging efficiency, reduced emissions and up to 5% lower fuel consumption.
Hongxing Construction Equipment vice president for the Middle East sub-region, Jonas Gardetun highlighted the Kingdom as a rising star, commenting, “The construction market is improving rapidly in the Middle East and we see an increase from last year of +30% to +35% in the range of products we compete in. The clear hot spot is Saudi Arabia where the business today is on an all-time high level.
Other fuel saving systems include Case’s Auto Economy Control system, which automatically lowers engine revs when the joysticks are inactive. The CX470C is available with a long undercarriage (LC) or a retractable undercarriage (RTC) and both can be specified on standard or mass excavation (ME) specification models. And Saudi Arabia is also expected to be one of the main driving forces behind an expected jump in construction equipment magnetic classifiers sales in the region this year.