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Before we examine the question of whether cutting more calories results in greater weight loss, it’s important to understand the concepts behind dieting and metabolism. One pound of fat is composed of 3,500 calories. In order to lose one pound of fat per week, you must cut out 500 calories from your diet. Most people do this through a variety of means, including exercising and cutting calories. For most of us, we can assume that exercising at a moderate to high intensity for 60 minutes per day will result in a loss of 100 calories. Therefore we either need to cut out 400 calories from our diet, or participate in longer (or more intense) physical activity.

Your metabolism describes the method by which food and drink is digested and excreted from your body. It also describes how food and drink is used as energy, or stored for future use. When we don’t use the calories we consume, the body stores the extra calories as fat, muscle or some combination of the two. Recently, we have begun to hear more and more about the importance of keeping our metabolism “ramped” for optimal weight loss.

Many diet gurus claim that by eating five or six small meals throughout the day, we are able to achieve a higher metabolic rate than by eating two or three large meals. The theory behind this is that eating regular, small meals throughout the day keeps your metabolism working. Eating larger meals will make the metabolism work during that time, but not after the food has been digested.

Your body needs a specific number of calories per day in order to function properly. Typically, this number ranges from between 1,500 and 3,500 – quite a wide range. While it is impossible to accurately guess what your total calorie burn is without a diagnostic test, one easy way to guess is to multiply your weight by 10. This will give you an estimate of your calorie needs. When your body gets significantly less calories than what it needs to function properly, it goes into “starvation mode.” This means that instead of burning calories, your metabolism basically shuts off, and stores all food as fat. Your body isn’t sure when it will be fed next, and therefore the metabolism stops working. You can actually gain weight through this phenomenon!

Easy Ways to Cut Calories for Healthier Diets

Losing weight is simple math. If you cut 3,500 calories out of your diet in the course of a week without reducing your daily activity, you can say good-bye to one whole pound of fat.

Here are some easy changes to make:

Switch to low-fat or no-fat dairy products: Dairy products are the best source for the calcium that keeps bones strong. But these same products may also be high in cholesterol, saturated fat, and calories. You can reduce all three by choosing a low- or no-fat milk product.Substitute sugar substitutes: Coffee has no calories, but every teaspoon of sugar you stir into your cup has 15 big ones. Multiply that by four (1 teaspoon each in four cups of coffee), and your naturally no-cal beverage can add 60 calories a day to your diet. One packet of sugar substitute has absolutely zero calories.

Serve stew instead of steak: If you stew your beef or lamb or pork rather than broiling or roasting it, you can skim off a bunch of high-calorie fat. Just make the stew and then stick it in the fridge until a layer of fat hardens on top. Spoon it off: Every tablespoon of pure fat subtracts 100 calories from dinner. You can also cut off all visible fat before preparing the meat.

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