Master cold to hum 1, way: “the world is nothing is impossible. See if you try hard to do……. This prior don’t worry, etc. You have no news say, every many strengthen training under a points strength, for our future will be a key role.”

“Yes, my Lord.” One arm people back down quietly, he didn’t see, master eyes flashing red light repeatedly……

“No, no, I’m not evil.” Foolish waking from a nightmare, fiercely sat up. He kept breathing, he dreamed that just now there are countless by the dead hand of around him, to his suo life. A long time, he had calmed down, and finds that he’s actually mbt shoes clearance lying on a cold hard stone head, and around a very dark, can only vague distinguish, seems to be in a cave.

“You woke up.” Clear voice in the foolish ear on the ring.

Foolish this just the reaction come over, this is not TianGang if the blademaster live of the cave?

“ShiZu, is you’re the person? How can I in you here?”

“Well, I take you to come, you have coma for a day. How does it feel?”

Foolish brain gradually move, before all of the recall, bitter said: “ShiZu, I’m ok, each month, she isn’t with his father left?”

TianGang if the blademaster appeared in the foolish before and he reached out his hand and touched in the foolish shoulder, don’t let him to stand up, “sit still while the little girl friend, you have and his father left, for you, and she separate is not necessarily a bad thing, have her in, how can you concentrate on cultivation?”

Foolish bowed his head. Heart to heart xuan “This is she to you.” TianGang if the blademaster will become dark green faerie bracelet handed foolish, foolish took the bracelet, tightly grasp the in hand, bracelet seems to still remain on the xuan of body joss-stick.

“She let me tell you, later if possible, she will find you. She also said, I hope you can do the footman of her whole life.”

Although TianGang if the blademaster in repeated on the left a message and mysterious voice does not carry any feelings in color, but the heart of the foolish but deeply shocked, even if he can understand the xuan in stupid on the word love. The body slightly shivering, SOB a way: “each month, I, I’d like to be your lifetime of pensioners!”

TianGang if the blademaster slightly sighed, way: “you these children when I don’t understand, you are also small, talk about feelings still early some, foolish, I asked you a question.” Him suddenly send out a full-bodied white light, it is that it’s light, light caves will light up, make foolish can clearly see the front of the famous old man.

Foolish barely restrain’s emotions, way: “you ask, ShiZu.”

TianGang if the blademaster opened his eyes and the light firmly at the foolish eyes, sink a track: “I ask you, you may not be willing to be your master Owen revenge.”

A mention Owen’s hatred, foolish one earthquake body, not hesitate to nod, way: “of course, Owen uncle died to the very miserably! Those killer union man was too abhorrent.”

TianGang if the blademaster satisfactory nods to say: “that’s good, that you would like to for his revenge, that this is the vengeance of the mission delivered at you to finish.”