Elf queen some of the voices of trembling, “this, this is the first primaries majesty’s protective holy god the blood of the dragon? You, where do you get.”

Foolish way: “this is the prophet said to me, he said this is at the beginning god gave them PuYan family plume your majesty of transmission of family treasure.”

Elf queen gradually from surprised, awake sighs: “children, you surprise me of the place still really much! Have the blood of the dragon, I’m almost sure that you will be able to put the mei dragon egg hatched, all of the dragon is dragon posterity ah. Go ahead, bite open your finger, will be a drop in blood drops dragon egg, and then follow me to read to us for the blood lead, proud of dragon! Please allow me with your equal contract concluded, sharing each other’s energy, become eternal life the same friends.” Actually, human and dragon signing a contract signed contract can be completely taken, but always peaceful elves of a master-slave contract is always been despise an attend to, as they see, everything equal, this shouldn’t be who slavery into the who. And the heart of foolish and the equal contract just coincide.

Foolish honesty of according to the command of the christian louboutin sale blood elves will drop in the dragon egg on, when he completed the spell, dragon egg and his neck of the dragon and with blood light, suddenly, they seem to create a between communication tunnel, dragon egg in a twinkling disappeared, and foolish felt clearly the dragon in the blood has something more, seems to have a life and jollity like.

Elf queen exclaimed: “children, it seems that your body of the blood of the dragon has absorbed in dragon egg……. In the blood of the dragon, dragon egg will get better moist, I think maybe in not too long it can be hatched. To tell you the truth, the aunt didn’t also seen dragon is what appearance, after waiting, you have hatched, after he must bring aunt to see.”

Foolish some embarrassed to say: “aunt, you don’t say so, if dragon egg after hatch, and I must have really put it back in nature.”

Elf queen replied in all seriousness: “foolish, I know you are good, but have you ever thought about. As the strongest in the mainland creature, with dragon, he how powerful force! If you will he put back to nature, it is secular influence, perhaps can draw out a calamity, you know? And, even if you let it follow you, also need not be enslaved it! You can and make him a friend, take care of him, and use your kind heart to persuasive voice, so that it was not let this only small dragon go bad.”

Foolish stare blankly way: “and he be friends? And one-stop  friends? That might be?”Elf queen smiles to say: “nothing is impossible. It is you, when it hatch it after the birth, will take you for the most closest to you. Take care of it. After aunt also calculate it a wish. Well, the aunt have to you the other stuff.” Say that finish, she took off from the wall a scroll, solemnly make foolish hand, “this scroll in a old magic, when you find our people, and facing a great danger, you can open it immediately, it will produce a field, in the field after it appeared, ancient tree on the elves of the elves all call all gone, and I and four large elves make it is commonly won’t leave here. In other words, you

The elf kingly way: “for a second I explain to you together to listen. Let’s go.” Said, her to produce handprint, a flash of green light, with a foolish back in the elves of the ancient tree house in. The queen’s role in the elven magic, the two people fly back to elves lake. A landing, four people surrounded on mark up, and surprised at the queen and elves foolish. Tsukihime but could not help asking: “foolish, when you will also fly.”

Elf queen smiled, way: “that is I use the elven magic with his fly. The kids, you also come in, nothing to avert suspicion, I believe you.”

Elf queen’s speech on mark can’t help some to shame, low head did not utter a word, but four people still follows foolish and elf queen approached the tree house.

The xuan month, rock, and YanLi didn’t seem to be any change, also stand in foolish leave their standing position. The elves to Mr Flute tendered a ask of look in the eyes. Mr Flute blunt she nodded.

The elf kingly way: “children, just a few large elves to make you a old magic, called the source of elves. Its efficacy is not very significant, but can stimulate you own potential in the future, you of one, progress will be faster than usual. Foolish, I take you to take something, you still remember ever been surrounded by warm? That is the source of the power play elves, later you will slowly feel it effect.”

MiaoFei some envy of to look foolish, heart some regret, why oneself just not promised to help elves.