The xuan night feel I was annoyed, change the subject way: “the queen, I listen to Mr Flute brother said you elves were rogue sneak attack, and took many people. This thing they do is too far. And I found the daughter, must help you get a reasonable. These rogue is the purge purge…….”

Elf queen heart in a pleased, Vatican of the continent’s authority in her how to not know, have xuan night this words, is a foolish their action sure much. “That I first representative race thanked bishop, ah, I-that naughty daughter! Anyway, on the xuan than to not obedient, this time had been taken, and don’t know whether we can safe back?”

The xuan night sighed, way: “you stop worrying, as long as she was still alive, and I must try to help you put her back.”

At this moment, Mr Flute has brought day the back to the ghd straighteners tree house, the day the elves to salute the queen, the respectful way: “don’t know the queen seek me to have what commanded.”

Elf queen pointed to the one side of the xuan night, way: “this is a divine the Vatican cardinal YeDa xuan xuan, he is also the father of the month, you tell him profound moon possible destination.”

Day the heart in a surprised, quickly way: “I will be foolish and profound moon before they sent out elves territory, listen to their meaning, seem to be across the TianGang mountains and then to the empire to find our people’s whereabouts. Foolish and rock seems to be TianGang sword send all some and origin, should be there first.

The xuan night and look, “TianGang sword pie, there is easy. The queen, I do not want to leave, to get after the girl to just go, otherwise, lose sight of her to want to find I’m afraid to……. For the again before apologize, will have the opportunities, the xuan will take each night to your house an apology.” Say, the queen was a deep to elves ritual.

Elf queen HaiLi way: “you don’t mention it, I help?”

The xuan night nod a way: “you stop worrying, I promise things must do it.”

The elf kingly way: “you can certainly don’t embarrass foolish that child! If the whereabouts of our people, but also can you take the trouble they sent back.”

The xuan night should be 1, in Mr Flute escorted from the ancient elves, with his own hands, in a hurry in the direction of the mountains TianGang huasheng empire.

Such as foolish people leaving the elves forest, with more than a half of the day, over a hilly area into the family and migdalel territory, meanwhile, didn’t meet other family of a pagan in tian yuan.

Finally returned to the flat continent, all the speed of increase forward immediately many. Climbing over the hills in, with their profound moon on the physical weaknesses, just let foolish was with her. With her weight on the foolish of course doesn’t consider as what, but foolish put her back in the body, there is always a huangcizaibei feeling. The xuan month charming fragrance of many times on body sends out another foolish at sea, the body the  of touch, but also make him in an awkward moment. YanLi also proposed for him to back profound moon, but do not know why, always generous his stare blankly is no promise, seem to feel let YanLi carry profound moon will suffer like himself.

“Month is flat road, you still down and go.” This has not know is how many times suggested that further foolish xuan of advice on down.

The xuan month xi xi a smile, shook his head way: “no, I will let you go back, you are all so quickly, the somebody else a girl and not more, how the chase on!” Almost made foolish back a day, profound moon has some habits, especially on the back of the foolish broad sleep, is really a good men.

Foolish helpless shook his head, had to continue forward to walk.

YanLi ha ha say with smile: “I say brothers, you recognized, anyway you both a may play a may get.”

Foolish wry smile way: “YanLi eldest brother, you don’t make fun of me.”