1888 Press Release – Dr. Lajtner: Ten Minutes for Two-Three Weeks Force Thinking Does Away with Cysts.

Water has a state that science has not described yet, and it is a state that can be created by thought. Dr.Tamas Lajtner Ph.D. refers to this state of water as adhesive water. Adhesive water can be controlled by thoughts. It is absolutely essential, since the human body is mainly water. Adhesive water can be created in the human body as well. When it is in its adhesive state, water of body is definitely able to remove cysts from women’s breast by thought.

Dr. Lajtner has spent the last 15 years doing research in the working method of the force of thoughts. Based on the results of his successful research Dr. Lajtner has designed objects that run by thoughts. The collective name of these thought-run objects is the Lajtner Machine. The Lajtner Machine teaches us how to use the force of thoughts outside the head. The Lajtner Machine is a sophisticated device of great variety. One kind of them uses water.

The water has a strange consistence in its adhesive state. It is like glue, and it sticks together, and up to a certain momentum it maintains integrity. Adhesive water is capable of bringing “heavy” objects to the surface of water from the bottom of the glass. It is very unique, since the density of these “heavy” objects is greater than the density of water. Objects of great density are supposed to sink, and not to go up. In its adhesive state, water can be made to move by thought very easily. The main task is to put the water in adhesive state. The Lajtner Machine teaches how to do this.

Dr. Lajtner explained: “Since 65 % of our body, and 95 % of our brain is water, healing by thought is generally available for everyone. Personally I can remove cysts from women’s breast with force thinking. However, instead of practicing healing my aim has recently been to teach people to heal themselves. I do think, women have to acquire this very simple skill how to transform water into adhesive water. In the learning phase the Lajtner Machine is a great help, for it makes the force of thought visible. If the woman involved understands how to use the force of thought, she will be able to change the state of water. The healing procedure will begin right away. Please be realistic! This is physics, no miracle! Give time yourself and keep practicing. Everybody has thought force, you too. You may have more or even less time to get results than the others. One thing is sure: your practice will bring you the results. ”

‘This is impossible.’ ‘Nobody can cure by thought.’ These sentences are the most common opinions about this topic. The reason of these opinions is a simple thing: people have very limited and confused picture about the thought power. The investors themselves are chained by these stereotypes. If somebody thinks, the thought force does not exists, he/she should ignore this press release.

Dr. Lajtner added: “We are absolutely and devotedly prepared to pass our skills and knowledge to those in need. To do so, we need a crowdfunding campaign to have our device in the stores. Unfortunately there are many more people desperate to get healed than investors, or simply sympathizers. Should we join and co-operate, and give a chance to acquire force thinking by setting up a crowdfunding, we would certainly get very far in many fields, and one of them is saving lives. You have the opportunity in your hand and in your head.”

It is not only the money that backers contribute to the cause with. It is rather the community that should stick together like adhesive water does, so it brings “inventions” of high density to the surface of water.

The prototypes of our thought-run objects work well. The reason they work well is that the Lajtner Machine uses the language that both the living and the inanimate recognize. This is the most ancient method of communication. That is why water understands it, too. In addition, the Lajtner Machine represents the first step in future’s Thought Technology. Thought force is no matter of faith. This is pure physics.