Solar panels are an excellent way to produce energy for your home or business. What you must remember is that cleaning solar panels is important and should be done on a regular basis. Clean solar panels are more effective at producing energy.

Solar photovoltaic systems are termed as self-sufficient producers of energy that require almost no maintenance from the owner. It’s remarkable technology and cleaning is one simple thing that should be done to ensure optimum working of the solar panels.

Solar panels can become dirty due to dirt, leaves, pollen, ash & smoke, bird droppings, moss, bugs, pine needles etc. This can reduce the power of the panels up to 30%. As soon grime starts accumulating on the surface of the panels, sun rays are blocked and production of energy dwindles.

Energy production can return to peak efficiency immediately. Plus this can be easily measured after the cleaning process is completed – to check the difference cleaning makes to the efficiency, check the meter before and after the cleaning is done.

Some people mistakenly argue that rainfall is enough to keep the panels clean and working efficiently but this assumption is completely wrong. How often you clean your car windows or window panes in your home. As they are exposed to rain they require occasional washing. Rain water isn’t necessarily crystal clear and it can leave smears on window and solar panels.

The energy generated by solar panels can greatly benefit any home or business. It’s one of the best options available if you’re tired of paying exorbitant rates for energy consumption. Before you buy solar panels for energy generation, commit in your mind to cleaning them on a regular basis for the most effective performance.

Just what electricity percentage do dirty solar panels lose? There is a considerable drop in the output of the energy when the panels become dirty – some panels record a huge drop of about 50% in the production of power. To ensure you don’t experience these heavy drops in power, you simply must keep the panels clean.

These tips can help you in the cleaning task:

  • Get the panels installed at an angle. Panels installed at an angle accumulate far less dirt compared to panels installed horizontally. You can double the energy output just by placing the panels at the right angle. This simple step can also decrease the cost of maintenance.
  • The best way to get your solar panels cleaned is by hiring professional cleaners on a regular basis. You can find quite a few pressure and steam cleaning companies that specialise in this work. Professional cleaners help ensure that the energy production levels are kept high all round the year. When you a company scheduled to clean the panels, you will not have to worry about forgetting the cleaning process.

If you are searching for a company that can clean your panels in the right way search online to find a professional company for high pressure cleaning Northern Beaches is the place where you can easily find a number of cleaning companies.


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