The xuan month hyperventilate way: “but, but mom, I really want to really want and foolish together! I……”

Nadia Sally cover profound moon mouth, way: “don’t say, you can understand the feeling mother. In fact, your father some things do wrong, he should stay because the risen from poverty will look down upon him. Although mother also don’t approve of you and foolish together, but, mom, don’t want you to pain, their happiness is to rely on their own to fight for. So, for your father mother in the family, as long as you can transcend the strength of the mother, to sacrifice the white above level, and the time of foolish words you never forget, I agree with you. That go out to him, mom can rest easy!”

Listen to the mother’s words, profound moon renewed hope mbt shoes sale in the heart of the fire. Was she thought can’t the Vatican, but mother since say so, that there is hope, white the strength of the sacrifice? Maybe not so difficult to achieve it.

Nadia Sally erase profound moon tears of face, shook his head, way: “girl, you first don’t happy, you think the white of the sacrifice is so easy to achieve strength? If it was that easy words, the Vatican will not only twelve white sacrifice so little. When you can not use any artifact and ability and more than mom, just calculate you qualified. That is not an easy thing. Although you talent is very good, but how long it takes, mother also don’t know, everything depends on your efforts.”

The xuan month looked at the mother, the first time in my life to the formidable strength is so desire, the firm said, “mom, I can in the shortest possible time to sacrifice the strength of the white. You can want to word!”

Nadia Sally smiles to say: “mother, speak not when, you know, your father but to take my oh.”

The xuan month back to the first time since Vaticanso beautiful, if dad don’t listen to your words, you ignore him, he’s most afraid of you this recruit……. The back to you be difficult with sb, he don’t know much about pain, hee hee.”

Standing outside the follies of obscure night with shook his head and his heart way, oneself really so afraid of, Sally? Wanted to think, the answer is yes. In this world, in addition to other than his own father, I’m afraid your most afraid of, is his wife, right, think of that night passion, his heart can’t help a slight swing.

Listen to the words of his daughter, Sally, face which gave a little red, way: “don’t blather, you go out of the holy see dad, after all, is a cardinal, if let other people to hear, his reputation is bad, know? Well, you first change clothes, I go, call your dad take you to see grandpa.”

“Well, mom you go call father right, I can’t wait to start the uniting the magic and grandpa?” The xuan month decided. Must improve their capability as soon as possible, and then further foolish and together again make the continent, and that has the ability to help him. The thought of and can and foolish together, her mood immediately be suddenly enlightened, the former haze everything and light.

Nadia Sally out profound moon room, took in the doorway station along while to her husband walked back to his bedroom.

“Husband, you said, in every month in uniting can really forget foolish?”

The xuan night confident way: “can do it, you know. Holy light magic in meditation practice time can’t have a abstractions. If each want to reach the white degree of sacrifice. Must practice hard, and in that time, foolish in her heart shadow will forget. When she result into practice, I’m afraid have not remember what is foolish. Until then, let’s daughter in for looking for a candidate to do our best’s son-in-law, all is soon?”

Still, some worry that Sharon tunnel: “but then. If the daughter of foolish words never forget to still, let’s do? I can have promised to her, then can let her go looking for foolish.”

The xuan night wanted to think, way: “each want to achieve your degree or difficult, if true as you say, she still can’t forget to further foolish words, let her