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Members of Gay Dating Solutions (www.GayDatingSolutions.com), the online, membership-based dating service for single gay men throughout the United States, have exclusive access to the site’s informative blog and its many helpful postings. Members are better able to develop purposeful, fun and loving relationships after reading such postings as “7 Best Things to do on a First Date,” “Online Dating Mistakes Gay Men Make” and “Getting Over It: How to Handle Your First Breakup.”

New members begin the process by completing the site’s proprietary personality survey and questionnaire. The detailed information they provide about their lives, interests, musical tastes, fashion sense, favorite vacation spots and much more makes it easy to find other men who are compatible matches and serious about a meaningful relationship.

“Once new members have created their profiles, we encourage them to visit the Gay Dating Solutions blog to learn some of the dos and don’ts of gay dating and using an online dating service,” said a Gay Dating Solutions spokesperson. “With that information, they are much more likely to benefit fully from their membership and find men whose company they will thoroughly enjoy.”

The Gay Dating Solutions blog post “Stop Waiting Around for a Knight in Shining Armor!” goes to the heart of the matter for many gay men. They expend a great deal of energy and a significant amount of money on building very successful careers, working out at a gym weekly to be fit and buying the best grooming products to look great, but they expect their dream loves to appear suddenly. Serious and loving relationships require just as much effort.

“7 Best Things to do on a First Date” includes a number of important tips that help gay men enjoy a first date and ensure there will be a second, third and even more future dates. For example, planning the date to include an event provides an opportunity to attend a concert or visit a museum together, thus revealing shared or contrasting interests. A skill that many people, gay or straight, have trouble developing is being better listeners – and not just to hear, but also to listen intently and carefully to what a potential partner is trying to say.

Using an online service like Gay Dating Solutions may be daunting for many single gay men, which is why one of the first blog posts they should read is “Top 3 Tips for Gay Online Dating.” It explains that a member is more likely to find an excellent match if he first notes the specific characteristics he seeks in another man and searches for members with these characteristics. Wandering through the site just looking at members’ photos is counterproductive and wastes time that is better spent looking for specific individuals. Another helpful tip in this blog posting is that new members shouldn’t become discouraged if more than one connection and first date are needed before finding someone special.

“We try to emphasize to new members that the value of a dynamic site like Gay Dating Solutions is that there are always more single gay men joining, so members that have experienced a bit of hit-and-miss when finding a match must keep their profiles current and continue to look. Remaining active on the site and being perseverant is the best strategy to make the perfect match,” said a Gay Dating Solutions spokesperson.

“Keeping the Romance Alive” is a blog post filled with advice for members who have found the perfect mate, but need to keep the relationship fresh and new. The blogger makes it clear that it is more than experiencing romantic moments together; complimenting your partner in the presence of others not only boosts his ego, but also shows that you are truly in love and aren’t afraid to let others know.

The Gay Dating Solutions blog also allows members to share what they’ve learned in their relationships that could help others. Members are encouraged to post written entries as well as videos that may make it easier to understand their advice and tips.

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