The sand production line is widely used in mining, ore, construction, road building, bridge, cement, water and electricity industries, granite, basalt, limestone, river gravel, fly ash, slag and artificial sand and so on.
With the rapid development of high-speed rail, highways and other infrastructure construction, some construction -related industries are also having a good opportunity.  High- speed railway construction required for the production of sand and gravel aggregate, how to produce sand and gravel aggregate needed for the industry becomes the main topic. We recognize that the crusher and sand production line is a very important branch, so, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. will list some tips on how to choose high-quality sand production line.
1. Matching performance
From the vibrating feeder to the finished product, all of the crushing equipment should produce products in equal, this can save money. For instance, if enterprise use a small jaw crusher, a counterattack break occurred during operation, then uncoordinated counter-attack would break the remaining parts. This will lead to more waste. Therefore, operators must ensure that each device just to achieve their maximum production capacity, but also coordinated. This requires the configuration of sand production line staff have a comprehensive understanding of the sites, stone size ratio.
2. Effective and practical investment
The same yield of production lines, equipment prices will have a big difference. But most of the high price of the equipment operating costs relatively low. The first equipment purchase should depend on their actual ability. When people have a big budget they can select a high-performance. If not, they can resort to some optional equipment in the market.
The working principle of sand production line
Material from the vibrating feeder evenly to the crusher for crushing, breaking the material after breaking into the belt conveyor to the crusher for further crushing, crushing the material after the belt conveyor to be transported to the vibrating screen for screening, meet the size requirements of finished material is washed into the sand washing machine, the output from the conveyor belt after cleaning is finished; the finished product does not meet the size requirements of the material from the crusher vibrating screen to return to re-processing, form a closed loop several times, finished size according to user needs be combined and graded. If you use dry production process, the thickness of powder can be equipped with separators and dust removal equipment.
Rock crusher :
Vibrating screen :