The xuan months shame, and foolish caught is just her… She pushed aside the foolish, nu way: “you, what are you doing?”

Foolish opened his eyes and struggled in the pool from the climb up, just to see one in the profound moon, with a cry, turned and ran. He filled with panic, the body by the

pool side of the stone mix for a moment, suddenly fell on the thornbushes, on a word is more than ten wound. But now he has can not consider of pain, almost is even with the

rock climbing back to roll and YanLi side. The appearance of the mess was two people jump.

“Brothers, what is this, how to do become such? What happened.” YanLi concerned asked.

The breathing further foolish continuously, clear can smell it, the whole body

slightly convulsion, hand the soft tactility constantly stunned his mind. Since the childhood, never had any things like so let him so shaken.

Rock YanLi rushed to a look, beckoned to let him not to ask. With the finger refers to the blood of foolish nose and smiled.

Foolish run, profound moon his body of SuMa feel paralyzed, a long time to get over it. Foolish just in catch her… When the hot from palm, make her whole body ache and

weakness, and barely climb back to the shore, and not in the mood to wash down, fromcall out a clean dress in a hurry of wear up.

The xuan month wear good clothes, loss of foolish and walked to the rock brothers, three people’s vision and fell on her. The xuan month long hair hang freely blue in the

shoulder, glittering and translucent water occasionally kept, will she foil as as the lotus flower and moving, white dress foiling her holy, give a person a kind of feeling,

shall not be infringed. Just had bright eyes but reveal the look of loss.

Look at the xuan month came over, foolish face rise of red, some stuttering way: “each month, I, I don’t see anything.” He stuttering appearance, term who can see

that he was telling a lie.

The xuan month look foolish, breast and constantly, christian louboutin uk suddenly, she squatted on the ground, burst out


oolish got a fright, unprepared to rock and YanLi threw for help eyes, can the two brothers tacit understanding a see to one side, who also don’t take action, a pair of

yourself to blame handle their appearance.

Look at the xuan month sad cry bitterly, foolish mind a while can not bear, but the move to walk beside her, low voice way: “month, you, you play me and scold me, it was

all my fault, you don’t cry.”

The xuan month raised his head and go red face the simple and honest, and body cut clothes,

the heart cannot help to soft. SOB a way: “you, how can you see somebody else’s body, also, also touched the somebody else……”

Foolish wry smile way: “I, I really didn’t mean it.”

The xuan month dry face tears, snorted, way: “I ignore, anyway you bully me will compensate.”

Foolish to see her cry, so suddenly loose tone, quickly way: “I compensate, I compensate.” Anyway also owe she owed, the more debt than the so-called worry, lice

much don’t bite, well, how much more, besides his themselves, and they do have nothing to compensate for the profound moon.