Rock and YanLi all heard just two people’s dialogue, gather together came and rock way: “brothers, you said a liao TianGang if the blademaster to see further foolish? His

old man’s house is not have not ask the world?”

Liao a some impatiently say: “you don’t ask, hurry up and I go. I’m just a DiDai disciple, where can I know so much!!!!! And came to the mountain, all will naturally


Open the eyes of the dim profound moon, frowning: “noisy what! ghd straighteners To TianGang sword sent?”

Foolish soft track: “haven’t arrived yet. I’ll call you wait to, to, on my back to sleep, we are going to move on.”

“Oh.” The xuan month promised a sound, dim dropped to foolish back, eyes closed the mumbling asked: “how far! How return not to?”

Foolish smiles to say: “don’t shading, is coming. Month, you cold cold?”

The xuan month didn’t answer, even breathing came that she has fell asleep again. Foolish helpless shook his head, and enter a ripped into the profound moon qi body, to help

her maintenance of temperature, when the liao a: “let’s the trip.”

Liao a heart filled with abnormal excited, point, then go down the path, fast to to the top of the mountain at a direction. Foolish and rock brother with go up quickly, the

sound of the SouSou ride up continuously, four ways to TianGang shadow mountain rising constantly.

When the five people came to the dawn, dark sky is turning into dark blue,

the eastern sky gradually became white jade of color, light up gradually. In the light of gradually strong illuminate, a place like a blade stand tall in the mountain TianGang

at the foot of the mountain, in the cloud of incense, only some towering peaks can show head, give a person a kind of like in the dream of feeling, as if already entered the

like fairyland. If the city of elves of the world with the clever, the TianGang mountain is a combination of all the magnificent. See the mountains small feeling to make people

open. Are you in the beauty of the surroundings of the attention, very far east, suddenly put big red, red sun like a round red fruit as rising, its light is not harsh, slowly

rise around the backdrop of the cloud and mist in it, gradually turned golden.

Liao a stop, way: “your luck out, usually it is difficult to see the sunrise. TianGang, but the beauty of the famous oh oh oh oh. TianGang dawn dawn now, the red sun

moon is a JinYun, to the praise of the TianGang sunrise.”

At this time, the xuan month also have to wake up, some enchanted looked at moving scene, sigh a way: “is really good beauty!”.

Sunshine gradually stand up, as in the body, will they also like clouds, dyed golden.

Rock way: “liao a brother, all quick to the  smiles to say: “TianGang summit of the mountain is very flat, we sent the houses in the top of the of

course……. See immediately to the top of the mountain.”

“What people?” ChengCheng several voice, leap up from the path ahead a few people to, their clothes and liao a similar, is four under 20 young man.

“It is I, several teacher younger brother, today you the duty?”