This time even if the blademaster also unable to TianGang keep calm, his eyes open again, suddenly there was electricity shooting up, look excited way: “you say OuWenYong

is WangJian Styx, it says so on the mainland for many years, the first killer ‘run hades’ is he never thought, really didn’t think…….!!!!! My disciples had to give a killer.

The child, you continue to say.”

Foolish nodded, Michael Owen how to frighten off the black people, how to faint, and yourself and Owen happened between the various, detailed said 1 time. “Owen uncle

before he died, he said this in my life the most sorry is his little teacher younger sister and you old people. He said, let me when you are free to sword. Uncle died later sent

to see, I take his body was cremated ashes, bring in him. For the blood as lead to absolute being dragon, open it, the space and time the door.” Foolish from out of the

blue collar of the blood of the dragon, in the light of flashing, Owen to TianGang heavy jian and the foolish with Owen’s ashes jar every now cheap christian louboutin and then, and the further foolish in under the control of the balance of the fall on the ground.

TianGang if the blademaster and c. all seven silence. The breeze a glimmer, TianGang if the blademaster has fallen on before the foolish, leave near, foolish was surprised to

discover that, TianGang if the blademaster look like their forties actually only middle-aged, face no several road ruffle, only XuFaJieBai, his likeness and is not very

handsome, face with clear, the film is very high, a pair of the phoenix eye in martial arts released way way between cold mans. Carefully looking foolish found that TianGang if

the blademaster body has a feeling of charm that he not be conscientious to arise in the heart of the reverence, this is even red holy night are not to teach the xuan he had

brought feeling. TianGang if the blademaster whole body is sending out the rich integrity as. At the moment of him, the whole body slightly shivering, looked at the ground of

two things, eyes flash light even.

TianGang if the blademaster right hand was stretched out, weighed seven more than ten kilograms of TianGang heavy jian and ashes altar drifted fall on his palm on top.

Although many years of practice is to have let him to without beg state, but that his beloved disciple of sudden death and his daughter’s death, also let the kn surge if the

blademaster of rise and fall, he gently stroked the body, mumbling to say: “old nine, you this life have too bitter. Ah–this is all wrong, I was one of the teacher should

not because you the death of talents and left out in the cold, and you can’t blame you that!!!!!”

C. the affection between seven and Owen is very deep, several people is already without minding, surround in TianGang if the blademaster side be bluffing. Feelings of sadness

atmosphere, Owen’s face again it seems foolish to emerge in mind he louboutin mens shoes”Owen’s uncle, I will avenge for you.”

TianGang if the blademaster suddenly raise head, eyes cold mans even flash, blunt foolish way: “the WangJian Styx see for me.”

Foolish heart in a surprised, quickly way: “WangJian Styx evil of the gas too quickly, I’m afraid, I’m afraid you……”

TianGang if the blademaster cold to hum 1, the whole body surged to the momentum of the island, the grotto is a slight quiver, “took, and I just don’t believe what evil

can hurt got me.”

Foolish this just remind of, TianGang if the blademaster that have learned of travelling to the highest ninth heavy, nodded, untied his mantle, show the inside of the

vehicle. WangJian Styx into the black stones the hilt of sending out weak cold light, foolish told a way: “old man’s house don’t take it to cause!!!!! WangJian Styx drawn

be to go souls.” Say that finish, will WangJianLian Styx skins solution down together, respectfully handed to TianGang if the blademaster presence.

TianGang if the blademaster TianGang sword in the hand and Owen’s ashes to the hand to Owen, whole body with vitality. Foolish found, the hands of hades WangJian seems to be

a stream of unknown energy wrapped, again not feel any evil of the gas. As if just one handle ordinary suitable for similar. WangJian Styx to float in the TianGang if the

blademaster skins hand, he grabbed the sword hilt, will take out WangJianLian Styx scabbard. Leave the WangJian immediately thereafter skins evil big quickly, but that means the

evil day still cannot breach TianGang if the blademaster release that the odds. White light lit up. Foolish can see clearly that it’s wrapped in the WangJian Styx constantly

with light gray release gases.

TianGang if the blademaster eye flash across the look  is ruined

Irwin’s WangJian ho!!!!! The child, is really need, made so much kill under sin, and no wonder he will not end well. The world to evil WangJian Styx. It has the power of the

weak, don’t know the words I can ho nine tactic against a few action.”

Foolish way: “Owen uncle said, if I can practice in the future generation of travelling to the ninth heavy, can use out of the top five recruit hades jianfa, he says, a

few action, and not behind the power of the world should appear. If the blademaster, you old people can be careful.”

TianGang if the blademaster will WangJian Styx income within the skins, blunt foolish way: “if I tell you now, I will make it WangJian Styx to stay with me, will you?

This is, after all, Owen for you.”