Concrete aggregates tests stand favorable market

The raw materials used in cement production are widely available in great quantities. Limestone, marl, and chalk are the most common sources of calcium in cement (converted into lime through calcination). Common sources of silicon include clay, sand, and shale. Certain waste products, such as fly ash, can also be used as a silicon source. The iron and aluminum can be provided as iron ore and bauxite, but recycled metals can also be used. Finally, about 5% of cement by weight is gypsum, a common calcium- and sulfur-based mineral.
In the cone crushers segment, Kobleco said it had seen a recovery in North America as well as Japan and South East Asia. “However, due to changes in the types of cranes sold, consolidated segment sale4s in the first quarter of fiscal 2012 decreased -19.3%,” it added.
The water, sand, and gravel or  impact on transportation energy use, water use for washing, and dust generation. Some aggregates that have been used in concrete production have turned out to be sources of radon gas. The worst problems were when uranium mine tailings were used as cocrete aggregate, but some natural stone also emits radon. If concerned, you might want to have the aggregate tested for radon.
The fall in both divisions’ revenues had an impact on operating profit, which fell from JPY 10.7 billion (US$ 137 million) for the first quarter last year to JPY 3.5 billion (US$ 45 million) this year. Kobelco Cranes operating loss was steady at JPY 400 million (US$ 5.1 billion), while profits of Kobelco Construction Machinery fell -65% to JPY 3.9 billion (US$ 50 million).
Ore crushing plant and gold mining equipment are both used for extraction of mineral materials. Crushing is essential process.
Despite these falls in revenues, Kobelco predicts that sales over the course of the year will be more or less level with last year. Revenues are expected to be unchanged at JPY 354 billion (US$ 4.53 billion), although operating profits are set to more than halve from JPY 22.9 billion (US$ 293 million) last year to JPY 9.5 million (US$ 122 million) this year.
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