Crusher is widely used in mine construction in China, and it plays an important role in Infrastructure construction. Mining industry had made great progress, the total amount of ore extraction in 2011 was more than 5 billion tons and the production value was 400 billion yuan. With the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources throughout the country and the rapidly development of related industries, we now have more than ten thousand large and medium-sized mines.
The fruits of development are favorable, but they also need substantial investment. In ore dressing plants, the cost of crushing equipments and grinding equipments account about 65% to 70% of the whole investment. Power consumption accounts for about 50% to 60% of the whole electricity consumption and steel consumption accounts for more than 50% of the whole steel consumption.
The scale and pace of China’s economic development and social transformation is unprecedented in human history. However, energy sources are become less and less. It is urgent for dressing plants to save energy and reduce emissions. Therefore, the primary methods to reduce the cost are to lower the cost of minerals before mineral processing. In addition, it’s also necessary to reduce energy consumption and steel consumption.  In order to realize the goal of energy conservation, the key is to choose efficient crusher with high efficiency and good functions.
High consumption goes against the requirements of modern society. It is inevitable to save energy and reduce consumption. One effective way is to gradually improve the crushing methods to get the highest efficiency of the crusher; another way is to make full use of the laminating crushing to achieve excellent crushing effect. Under this specific situation, energy conservation is the inevitable transition for crusher industry.
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