Now that things are in the bag next is also not excuse me, take leave.” Get the answer is no longer hesitate after inflammation of the steward hu arch hand to leave.

“Ha ha, medicine Mr. Rock wait a moment, I was interested in the house of the Lord, if Mr. Mr. Don’t mind, could and I meet the door have a chat?” See XiaoYan to go, it is suddenly a steward hu said with a smile.

The black eyebrows ruffled, XiaoYan light way: “come cheap christian louboutin on, I just auction something just, have what will make to your door Lord interested in? Sorry, I have some things, then I won’t keep the future, if still need to auction something, surely ye continue to come to hu steward, take leave.”

Over, XiaoYan don’t stay hu steward is adopting the stay, walk out of the hall is fast.

Standing in the hall, hu micro steward narrow her eyes looked at disappeared in the sight XiaoYan, to stop is wrinkly to knit the brows.

“How? See his identity?”

Light voice, suddenly a voice in the hall, hu steward turn head, but see a HuBeiXiongYao middle-aged man, sat in XiaoYan previously chair, with the emergence of the man, the hall of the atmosphere all seem to be suddenly become has oppression general, let to hu steward bent many brigade.

“The door the Lord saw the hair must be some white middle-aged man, hu

Busy the respectful way: “a temporary also  deep, ~ he can take out three were a green, have no chance half he is itself a refined pharmacist, and I’m afraid level is not weak green, after all this product order no medicine, even ordinary Dan four product tried pharmacist, also a difficult tried out, but I tried I can know the high order tried pharmacists, no one is with the people in compliance.”

Eyebrows ruffled, middle-aged man slightly well a sound, light in the voice, it is difficult to hide contains the cold kill meaning: “send secretly tracking him, make clear his number, a can of refining of high order all the green tried pharmacists, that’s not much, and, to do everything possible to have him as my eight door effect, if not in fruit in the gridhrakuta mountain, can remove but can’t use, that nature also can’t cheap others, otherwise, sooner or later is a disaster.

“Yes.” Hu steward answer.

“Well, you do it, find some hidden shape of skilled people, I have to go to to the day’s office of snake Yin and Yang of XuanLongDan hand over formalities, that thing is too expensive, if not the vendor identity is too strong, hey, I this auction in the thing, which is to take out of truth.” Stand up, a middle-aged man they left the pie mouth, to do after the hall to, quite some unwilling to sneer at the word.

Hu steward repeatedly nod, for middle-aged vanish, have light breathed a sigh, quietly out of the hall.

Out at the auction, shaw first a trip to “thousand medicine fang”, will bethe material purchase complete all purple, the more than ninety in purple and gold card, is once again big shrink only two hundreds of thousands

The purple and gold to play CARDS, inflammation of the wry smile, couldn’t help, but make along while, economic strength or standing still g