A social networking platform, a ‘web’ way to express yourself through personal accounts, a way to make money – there are many reasons which may have provoked you into the world of blogging. The good news is that you can depend on online free blogs to not just teach you to write blogs but also to create perfect blogs. Blogs online are a great way to start writing with a purpose in mind. From individually created and controlled blogs, today we have moved to a stage where there are multi-author blogs where more than one authors can post their entries thus letting people find a common interest group and start interacting with writers around the world. Sounds interesting? Here’s how you start doing it.

There are a number of free blogging platforms which allow you to use their software and create blogs online without any additional cost. These are very common among those who have just entered the world of blogging. A number of organizations also use these free platforms to launch their own blogs. Of course there are pros and cons to it – the most important difference being in domain names. The blogging site will have your name displayed in the URL and not of the blogging service provider. Also, in a paid platform you have lots of different options when it comes to choosing a design or theme. You can also display advertisements and earn money out of blogging by paying a minimal amount. You will miss this in online free blogs created in free platforms.

Though you will have very little control over a free blog than a paid blog, the good thing is that you will be able to learn the art of blogging in a cost effective manner with online free blogs. Here, all you need to pay for is your internet connectivity. After you have decided whether you want to pay for your blogs online or not, the next step is to decide on the topic. Pick a topic and this is completely up to you and will be based on your purpose to create the blog. If you are doing it for a professional purpose then your topic and writing style should reflect that. On the other hand if this is just for the sake of following a passion then you can just go freestyle with it.

The trick to owning popular online free blogs is in promoting it in the right manner. For that you need to focus on your presentation, in this case, the theme. Then you can link it to your other social media accounts. You can share the blog’s link in your account and request your friends to read the blog. This is how blogs online attract the attention of readers at first. Once you know that you have the right people wanting to read your blog then you can decide on the next step which is to use your blogging site to earn money. As mentioned earlier, this will require you to use a paid blogging platform. But that is a thought for later. Now, all you need is to focus on creating your own blog, the rest will follow in time.

A blog is a website or webpage that is regularly updated and run by either a single individual or more than one person. The word ‘blog’ is the truncated version of the root word ‘weblog’ which means an informational site on the World Wide Web. Millions of netizens from all over the world follow various popular blog sites today. These blog sites are well-known because they feature trending topics in an attractive manner. In case you think that the owners of such popular blogs do it only for the sake of creativity, well no, they do blogging for money too.

There is no boss breathing down your shoulder and your free will and creativity are the triggers that prompt you to pursue blogging for money as a career. Moreover, finding clients and readers is not that difficult. A little concentration on the content that you want to publish and a little research on blog-making tips can make your career a sure success. There are four basic things that you need to keep in mind: one, decide on the theme of the blog. Two, get a good domain name and a trusted and affordable web hosting platform. Three, generate interesting content for your blog. Four, work on the site optimization and lastly establish your blog in such a way that it becomes one of the popular blog sites on that particular niche.

There are various advantages of blogging, other than the fact that blogging for money is one lucrative proposition. For instance, it brings you closer to innumerable people from all over the globe. Secondly, if you intend to make some money by blogging, it only takes a device and a net connection. Thus, in a very convenient and cheap setup you can create your own platform. Thirdly, blogging helps you generate business connections too. Fourthly, the recognition that the popular blog sites get is indeed lucrative. Who does not love to be appreciated?

If you are blogging for money, the best part is you do not have to follow a routine schedule. There is no 9 to 5 schedule to follow but, is there is one stringent rule to be kept in mind. You have to be serious about blogging. Creating a blog page and then leaving it unattended for weeks is just not done. Also, be original about the content. Lifting a few lines as a reference or citing quotable quotes is acceptable but, plagiarism is not. Also, writing a blog does not mean you have to write it using the toughest words in the dictionary.

It is about writing what you feel and substantiating it with authentic data and research and thereafter presenting it is an attractive way. Keep your content engaging, meaning framing the content in such a way that it holds the attention of the reader. Try to break the blog into paragraphs with proper heading to give it a decent format and avoid grammatical errors. Moreover, adding photos, video links etc. are interesting ways to make your blog one of the popular blog sites. So, try your hand at an alternative career and start blogging for money.

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