Jaw crusher deal with broken problems more than sufficient machine jaw crusher component material Date: 2011-03-23 ??11:05 machinery jaw crusher component material introduced jaw crusher as a crushing plant in such as mining, building materials industry is the most widely used, its technological maturity is most evident in the various types of crushers.Jaw crusher compound pendulum jaw crusher and two models of the simple pendulum jaw crusher, which is the most widely used in the application of the compound pendulum jaw crusher.The compound pendulum jaw crusher each component material directly determines the quality of the crusher itself, roughly from the rack, movable jaw, jaw plate (dental lamina), the side shield, bracket,Fly Ash Dryer spring, spindle, bearing, bearings, and other component parts . Rack welding generally use cast or steel-based, overall casting cast steel rack application earlier, the overall material selection, as represented by ZG35 With the advances in welding technology, most of the jaw crusher, especially large jaw The crusher rack more than welded steel plate made by welding,cone crusher to stress, shot peening processes, good overall performance of production out of the rack, beautiful appearance, high surface finish is widely used.The company can produce two types of rack, available for different customers buy according to their own circumstances.The movable jaw is generally made of the whole steel structure machined, there is also some welding production.

 Jaw plate (dental lamina) as an important vulnerability, the use of high-manganese steel production, and the moving plate and fixed jaw plate, each jaw plate according to the model size of one or several small pieces.Side shield used to protect the chassis, use of the material of the high manganese steel jaw crusher wearing parts.Bracket play to protect parts of the overall device operation, when the device is experiencing can not be broken materials into the bracket prior to fracture, so as to protect the machine, elbow board material is gray cast iron HT150,rotary kiln HT200. Spring to spring steel, majority to 60Si2Mn.Spindle is also called the eccentric shaft is one of the major structural components of the crusher, the material is generally of high quality alloy carbon structural steel, such as 40Cr, etc., made by machining, heat treatment and a variety of processes, spindle requires good mechanical properties, Jaw Crusher The quality of an important criterion for evaluation.Bearing concentricity generally use cast steel production, processing often processed together with the chassis, to ensure the two bearings is very important.Bearing selection and brands are the impoCone Crusher:   http://www.xbm-aac.com/Crushing_Machinery/Cone-Crusher.html

rtant evaluation criteria of the bearing.Crusher produced in strict accordance with the selection of national standards, the use of domestic Hawa Luo three bearing plant products, part of the selection of imported bearings, such as Timken, SKF. In short, the jaw crusher as a technology to mature crusher, its material and production process is critical trends in various industries to increasingly stringent requirements on the device stability and continuous operation under the crusher used material should be more attention to customer choice, we should pay particular attention to and concerned about the size and processing ability of the manufacturer, the material should be more study, select the more cost-effective products.Reproduced, please retain the source of this article Source: http://.zoneding.cn/newcenter/jishupindao/2011/0323/posuiji.html Machine Tips,Rotary kiln reproduced, please indicate the source,Rotary dryer this paper addresses: cassie1758
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