It seems that the soul fusion, or upper hand DuMou beauty queen ah, but this is an organic whole, swallow their babies born because of her day by day, she swallowed live.

Python” Looking at the confluence of the beauty such as du quite smoothly the queen, XiaoYan slightly a pause, finally gave up the idea of the will interrupt, this woman

although moody, but in the future to he might have some help, if said before, medicine and old sleep, XiaoYan nature is very jealous for her… PS, but now its strength is also

jumped, already has a BaoShen power, even if it is more than the strength of the beauty queen du, want to shall strike him, also no longer in general as before, as we strike a


And this is a fight between the king and the spirit ghd straighteners of the gap, in a real strong eyes, only to fight

the king, have been able to called the strong.

The king is under a worm, this words, not false!

In between XiaoYan faltering, falling full-blown heart inflammation, is suddenly a trembling, and a faint green mans, slowly emerge and the 2

When the green mans among the wriggling Saul again XiaoYan, pointed its anger chirp, immediately resound through the up and immediately, and vision in the big, a group

extremely violent stores, eerie again appeared in XiaoYan heart, then crazy wreak havoc in two

Stores in the body again at face is a slight change, with the

falling almost heart inflammation make dead premise, he now to the stores are also extremely avoid PS, however, just as he hurried to the body when it’s ready to suppress

stores, but the discovery of consternation, although doing all those stores release the terrorist high temperature, can this for him, but didn’t cause the destruction and

imagine the pain, but to make he was awash with a warm feeling.

A message has been the growth of the black hair out again, XiaoYan bewildered: “can’t be burned habits?”

Medicine old sleeps, natural no one to answer his question, but since found heart of inflammation of falling for he has no stores too big effect, then it is time flesh


Slowly looked up, XiaoYan looking at the two faint green mans, solemnity and with a smile in the corners of the mouth is expanding fast

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