Summer is already here and soon the schools would be breaking up for the holidays. Remember the promise you had made to your children a few months back? Yes, it is time to take out a pen and paper and plan for the much-awaited vacation. But, are you worried that the upcoming deal with the important client might unsettle your holiday plans? Then, instead of an extended overseas trip try something that is closer home but does not lack in excitement and activity. Have you ever given caravanning Cambridgeshire a thought? Camping out can be fun for your kids if planned out well. There are many campsites Cambridge that provide you an opportunity to be with nature and yet not miss the modern amenities you have grown habituated to.

The fun of a caravanning Cambridgeshire holiday is that it gives you full control over your time. So, you decide on when to get up, where to go, what to do or what to eat. Right from planning your itinerary to fixing your budget you are the decision maker. The onus thus lies on you to plan in such a way that your time-off gets spent in the best possible manner. Once you are decided on camping out, choosing a good campsite is the first thing to do. Research on the Internet which hosts a long list of campsites Cambridge and as per your priority take a call.

Some campsites Cambridge have all modern facilities like clean washrooms, showers, laundry room, TV room and Wi-Fi connection. While travelling with family it is better to choose such sites that give your better convenience. However, if you are just travelling with your partner and are seeking a secluded spot for caravanning Cambridgeshire then the smaller sites will suit you perfectly. However, one thing that every campsite should guarantee is safety and security. Once you have selected your spot the next decision lies in choosing the right caravan or motorhome.

Since your caravan would be your home for the holiday period, it should be comfortable enough. You can hire one from the campsite or rent from a dealer. Usually the reputed campsites Cambridge provide caravans on rent. Insist on a caravan awning which is an intelligent way to gain extra lounging space. Now that the essentials are planned out think of the outdoor activities you want to engage your children to. Cambridgeshire is a picturesque place and is home to the Cambridge University. The River Great Ouse flows by and caravanning Cambridgeshire gives you the opportunity to include riverside activities in your plan.

Campsites Cambridge provide boating and angling facilities and you can teach your children how to hook a line and start fishing. Include a lot of hiking and cycling trips with the family and encourage the kids to identify the trees and the blooms that are abundant. You can hire cycles from the campsite. Engage the kids in a lot of group activities that will make the chores like putting up a tent or peeling vegetable full of fun. So, pack in the essentials and set out on a caravanning Cambridgeshire holiday that your kids would love to talk about when school reopens.

Are you tired of your everyday mundane life and looking for a break? Or, are you planning a vacation with friends or family? Why not spend it a bit differently than the usual? If you live in and around Cambridge, you can spend a weekend camping or caravanning Cambridgeshire. Or, if you are a visitor to England, you can also have a different tour of the county of Cambridgeshire by spending some time at a campsite Cambridgeshire. You can reside at a nice park and spend quality time with friends and family. Read on to know more about the facilities and amenities of a nice park in Cambridgeshire.

Established in 1974, the county of Cambridgeshire is the result of the amalgamation of old counties of Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, the Isle of Ely and Soke of Peterborough. Since it has a long history, the beautiful Cambridgeshire has a vast number of places of interest that attract a lot of tourists. But, touring a county the normal way isn’t as fun as camping or caravanning Cambridgeshire, is it? So, why not spend a weekend at a park in a caravan or a tent at one of the campsites Cambridgeshire?

You can either go caravanning Cambridgeshire or book yourself a tent at a campsite Cambridgeshire inside a park. The price of a tent for four people is quite affordable. The price varies from month to month and you need to pay the full amount while booking. In case you have a dog or any other pet, you can bring it along with you. All you need to do is pay some extra money. Coming to the facilities, the price includes a clean bathroom and in case you need to check emails, there is Wi-Fi connection for you.

Instead of a tent or a park house, you can go caravanning Cambridgeshire by booking a caravan. Depending on your choice, you can either opt for the park facing caravans or the river facing ones. You can also choose either the nightly caravans or the weekly holiday caravans. The nightly caravans cost similar to the tents for a family and charges are extra for additional members and facilities. Compared to the tents in the campsites Cambridgeshire, the caravans are full of amenities like hot and cold water, shower and modern flush toilet, gas for cooking, microwave, refrigerator, colour TV and clean bedding.

Other than the amazing amenities inside the caravans or tents in the campsites Cambridgeshire, you can also enjoy the well-maintained park located in the heart of the Hemingford Abbots village. You can also go fishing, boat mooring and angling or just walk around the park in order to experience the beauty of nature even better. In case you love sports, you can also go swimming or golfing as the golf courses are not far away. If you want a relaxing massage after touring the county, you can enjoy that too inside the park itself. Thus, book a tent or go caravanning Cambridgeshire at a park, enjoy the services and have a great holiday.

Instead of a holiday trip at faraway places, try caravanning Cambridgeshire that gives you an excellent opportunity to appreciate nature. Choose campsites Cambridge ( ) that offer safety and convenience to make your holiday a fun-filled one.