search marketing agencySearch Engine Optimization is an ongoing effort… Point. Blank. Period. There are some experts out there speaking false information into the Business World on how it ‘doesn’t matter how high you rank in Google’ and other search engines, most of your search engine marketing consulting focus should be on actual marketing itself. Are they serious?! Those who know Internet Marketing like the back of their own hand know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important elements of marketing. As a matter of fact, it is the reason that other forms of marketing even exist and continue to strive!
Who says appearing on the first few pages, and especially the first few results, of a Search Engine do not help a brand perform at its maximum potential? Who says it doesn’t help a brand find awareness, especially when local area search takes place? If SEO isn’t done properly, all Social Branding and Media Marketing efforts can pretty much find themselves flushed down the toilet!
SEO is not just naming a few keywords or tagging a few items. It’s more than just descriptions and backlinks. In today’s day and age, related search results are almost a standard, photo matches for similar results are sure to return, and content is King! Not only is it King, but it is more valuable than any keyword you place on your page! And, naming it correctly is even more important. Using generic names for photos and audio will just hinder efforts.
In today’s World of Search, more and more businesses and brand are finding themselves working with individuals and firms that have mastered Search Engine Optimization as a skill and/or Internet Marketing as a whole. So if everyone is doing it right, how exactly does your brand stand out in the crowd?
It is true, most people are learning that if they aren’t doing it right, they might as well ‘close up shop’ in E-commerce and other related industries, because they won’t make sales. So, they put in a few marketing dollars and integrate SEO into their efforts. The problem is, they don’t realize that SEO is an ongoing effort — a never ending story! Most people are simply hiring professionals or doing it themselves to get the job only half done. They hire someone to optimize their site, or they create ‘Meta Tags’ and call it quits! The goal of SEO is to stay on top amongst competitors, affiliates and even those in the same industry as yourself, who may not even be a competitor!
So, we name and detail Meta Tags. We include optimized copy for the page. We name all content and create ‘Alt Tags’ for them. We backlink and create internal links, amongst every other element of SEO (and there are many). The thing is this: No matter how much optimization we do for a site, it is NEVER enough! Therefore, hiring someone to optimize your site is different from total SEO in all actuality.
The difference is plain and simple. Newer sites and newer optimization by competitors will begin to be tracked. Algorithms are programmed to realize some content will become outdated. Such is the case with news stories. There will always be a new shooting and the one that just took place will become old news, no matter how often that story is searched out.
So, how do we combat this? Again… ONGOING SEO! Refreshing and updating pages, adding to and making changes, etc. Our websites aren’t the only thing that needs continuous updating, so do our Social Media outlets and social networks in which are attached to our sites. Why? Link Wheels and Pyramids end up pinging our sites and connecting the content indirectly. Every click is a vote, every impression is a bump up! The more content, the better. The more relevant the content, much better. The more linking and embedding of content… even better! And one must do this on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis, or they should plan on falling behind.
There are arguments that Organic Search results, traffic sent to your page based upon the text of your coding, are good enough. Okay, then why are these same people still ‘wasting’ money on SEM (Search Engine Marketing) if they think that Organic Search is enough? Don’t let these people fool you. It is their goal to hold up your efforts so they, themselves, or clients can get ahead. It’s misinformation at its best.
Organic Search is important. But, keeping information and content new and interesting is even more important. After all, repeat traffic yields new traffic through Viral and Word of Mouth means. Those are the two hardest forms of marketing to achieve, because you can’t just make someone want to tell another person about your brand or site. They have to want to do it. And if they are bored or losing interest in what you have to offer, they won’t become excited enough to share it with those who take their opinions seriously.
Because SEO is an ongoing effort and others are slowly catching on, links and content are always changing out, and old ones are even being removed. Who is to say that all of those backlinks you just committed to will even be valid or existent in a few months? Continuous backlinking is important. After all, it is a means for Brand Awareness. Awareness brings Interest. Interest encourages Influence. Influence equates to Loyalty. And, Loyalty endures Tenure. For the sake of your brand’s survival, please engage in Ongoing SEO Activity! Be kind to your brand, and it will literally pay you back!
DISCLAIMER: The topic of SEO is constantly evolving and is truly a science. Books have and can be written on the topic and all points aren’t necessarily easy to be touched upon in such a short article or should. For those seeking in-depth consultation for SEO and other Internet Marketing informations, don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally. My rate is $1.49 a minute, while most professionals charge $250 an hour as a standard rate. Additionally, I include six free consultation dollars with usage of the telephone platform, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. To take advantage of this offer, one may call directly through (877) 814-6794, using the extension of 108368. If you use Ingenio as a primary choice for business consultation, don’t be affraid to reach me at extension 04169829. I will be looking forward to help you with your SEO and Internet Marketing goals and questions today!