Organising an Indian wedding and that too in London is one tiring task. Even after managing the dress selection and finalising a catering service, there is still the gigantic chore of finding an Indian DJ for the big day. Now don’t get me wrong; you WILL easily find numerous Indian DJs when you start looking and asking around. It is as simple as typing ‘best Indian DJ in London’ in the search box and Google would hurl page after page of Indian DJs operating in the United Kingdom at you. But how do you filter the list? And what are the questions you need to ask once you shortlist the candidates?

From the basic customer queries to enquiring about the packages and pricing, we would tell you exactly what you should be asking the potential candidates.


Ques1. How long have you been working in the DJ industry?

Ques2. How many Indian weddings have you performed for?

Ques3. Do you take singular projects or work on multiple ones simultaneously?

Ques4. Would you be available during my wedding schedule?

Ques5. Do you provide any other services besides DJing?

Ques6. Can you provide me the contacts of some of your past customers for reference purposes?

Questions regarding their MUSIC

Ques1. Do you have a recording of your previous performances that we can see?

Ques2. Can I submit my personal playlist of selected songs for special timings in the event?

Ques3. Do you also take requests from guests?

Ques4. How many people are there in your team? Do you have enough backup to provide technical support during the event if something goes wrong?

Ques5. How do you keep your playlist updated? Can you also provide classic retro songs along with the new numbers?

Ques6. Would you also be playing the ‘emcee’ and indulge in live interaction with the guests?


Ques1. What is the difference between the various packages you provide?

Ques2. Do you also provide refund on cancellations before the event?

Ques3. How much advance would I have to deposit before the event?

Ques4.  When can I get a written contract from your side?

Ques5. Are you licensed and/ or insured?

Ques6. Is there an additional fee for stage set up and lighting?

Pre and Post event PREPARATION and LOGISTICS queries

Ques1. Do you require any special electrical or technical support at the venue? If yes, would you contact the venue manager yourself or do I need to make arrangements for your requirements?

Ques2. How much preparation time would you require to set up your stage and other breakdown services?

Ques3. When will someone from your team contact me for the specific details for the event so that I can prepare my lists of requirements?

Ques4. What is your dress code for Indian weddings? Can I provide your team with my preferred wedding wardrobe?

Ques5. Do you have backup equipment for emergencies?

Ques6. Does the cost of transportation of equipment and travelling expenses of the members included in your cost or am I responsible for it?

These basic questions would help you analyse and shortlist the few good Punjabi DJs in London from your list based on their experience, equipment, capabilities and price factors. You can also use this list of questions to gather important information about your chosen entertainer. Feel free to share any more questions you think are important that I might have missed out.

One can find a lot of merits and demerits in deciding whether to hire a DJ or a band for the music at their wedding or reception. The choice will be easier to make, if you have the clarity about what kind of musical feel you want and the budget you have in your mind. Let’s talk about wedding bands so, that you can identify the major differences and then we will get back to DJ’s.

To view the live performance of a band you have to shed few more bucks than, you would have during a DJ performance. Because having a live performance creates a much different musical experience and because of which it costs more. A live band has different dynamic, bigger sound, huge presence, can interact with audience at a different level than a DJ.

A professional & experienced band will usually play requests and perfectly knows how to keep audience grooving on their feet. With many advantages one can face few disadvantages as well, because in case of a band you are dealing with more than one or two people, with a lot more equipment’s and thus, there are chances of many things going wrong. And that is why few people find DJ’s more reliable than a band.

A DJ is not as large as a live band plus, its sound is very different. However, if you hire Asian best wedding DJ who knows how to keep guests or audience entertain then, he/ she can really make your ‘D’ day more special. Usually DJ’s have huge music playlist so, they can take care of almost any request. Plus, they are cost effective and as there are only one or two people, so chances of anything going wrong minimises.

But one should always have a backup whether you are dealing with a band or a DJ and make sure that they will be available on fairly short- notice. The good idea is to make a call to your band or DJ one month before the occasion and then, one week before to confirm everything is set. Plus, it even gives you enough time to get your backup in place if you need to.

Don’t get so much stressed, just enjoy and plan your precious day! And if you do your homework properly and can use due diligence in choosing a reliable and an experienced DJ or a band.However, one should always have a substitute in case anything uneventful occurs.

India is a land of diversity – culture, heritage, language, climate and even apparels. But when it comes to Indian weddings, the big-fat wedding celebrations are common in all Indian communities. Here are five things that are a common occurrence in all Indian weddings. Indians residing in their homeland or other countries never forget to include these five things in their wedding celebrations.

It is difficult to cover the many things that form up an Indian wedding. The couple and the guests remember the memories and instances of this special day forever.