Good ground outside the pit should be buried inside a large copper pieces, then use copper or copper networks and indoor linked, in order to achieve good results, (other metals is also OK, but susceptible to corrosion)

Computer room grounding system is to prevent interference with the parasitic capacitive coupling, protective equipment and personal safety, an important means of computer systems to ensure stable and reliable operation.
Computer grounding system, anti-jamming design in the easiest and most economical but also the most significant one way effect. If it can solve the noise problem grounding and shielding the correct combination, the better.
Therefore, in order to ensure that the computer system is safe, reliable, stable operation, to ensure proper form equipment, personal safety, for the different requirements of different types of computers, it should design a grounding system.
According to national standards, “computer technology requirements” in the grounding system requirements for the computer to do a specific provisions, computing station generally has the following manner:
The computer system DC ground; resistance value of not more than 1?.
AC workplace; the resistance value is not more than 4?.
Security protected; the resistance value is not more than 4?.
Anti-static grounding; resistance values ??do not play in 4?.
Lightning protection; resistor values ??do not play in 10?.
The so-called ground, i.e., a point of the circuit with a wire or a metal case together with the earth, the earth current is easy to flow as the target, and therefore the lower the resistance to ground, ground current flows more easily. Further, the ground computer system, but also want to minimize the potential changes become the cause of noise. So the grounding resistance is as low as possible.
In dealing with computer ground, should pay attention to the following points:
Signal circuits and power supply circuits, high-voltage circuit and low voltage circuits should not use a common ground loops;
Ground sensitive circuits, should each isolate or shield to prevent electrostatic induction to reflux and generate interference.
Here are several ground action and implementation measures are described below:
To the role of exchange
In a computer system, as well as the extensive use of 380V / 220V AC power supply of electrical equipment, such as computer peripherals, transformers, fans and air-conditioning equipment maintenance equipment on the cabinet, according to state regulations to carry out ground work, namely the Neutral Ground , also known as the secondary ground. Its role is to ensure the safety of personal safety and equipment.
In computer systems, communication devices are many, but a secondary exchange equipment grounding problem often is not valued by the people, for which often cause unnecessary harm to personnel and equipment.
Specific measures:
The exterior of the computer with the neutral point insulated wire in series connected to the power distribution cabinet in line, followed by a ground bus to the ground. Other AC devices such as air conditioners, new fans, frequency stabilization device independently by other neutral point earthed electrical specifications.
Security protected
To do among the equipment on the housing and the motor, air conditioners and other equipment, housing and land a good grounding, called a security protectorate. When insulation breakdown due to the value of the stray impedance between the chassis and the ground is large, so that the voltage on the chassis is substantially equal to the AC voltage supply (220V). When the body touched the chassis, and body insulation on the ground is not good, it will have a relatively large current through the body into the earth, which is very dangerous, as the chassis ground situation is completely different. When insulation breakdown, the ground fault current along the ground and the body two paths into the earth. Since the grounding resistance is very small, much smaller than the human resistance. Numerical large current through the ground into the earth resistance, thereby protecting the personal safety.
Implementing measures:
Computer room is a safe place to protect all of the cabinet enclosure, with the number of insulated wires together, then ground bus (multi-strand braided wire connected to earth).
Other computer room equipment, such as air conditioning another connection.
A computer system known as the DC to logically.
In order to make the computer work properly, all the electronic circuits of the machine must work on a stable base potential is zero potential reference point. In the design should pay attention to eliminate the DC ground noise voltage to each circuit current flowing through a common ground impedance generated. We do not put the DC suspended, or be connected to the earth by DC method is to computer circuits and other digital potentiometer connected with the earth, the resistance in accordance with Party requirements.
In DC systems to connected to the earth, but also should also have good security system protected. Moreover, with the current chassis security in many computer systems are separate, that is in the engine room are insulated from each other. Such is the high-frequency interference provides a low resistance path for the release, but also for the chassis electrical (static) also provides a low resistance path bled.
DC ground connection and select:
Ground series: multi-point grounding, so-called tandem grounding, is a computing system in the DC ground for each device connected in series on the DC ground as copper. It should be noted that the direct wire used in this case is the multi-strand braid or copper, it should be insulated from the chassis.
Parallel Ground: a computer system with a single point of grounding shielded multi-strand copper cord connected to a piece of land lines, copper block underlying insulating substance.
Lightning protection
Lightning is a discharge in the atmosphere of a natural phenomenon. Lightning discharge quickly, change the lightning current is also very intense. Thundercloud begins to discharge lightning current increases rapidly when lightning currents up to 200 to 300 kA. The destructive effects of lightning basically be divided into three categories. The first type is a direct strike action that is a direct lightning strike on a building or equipment. Damage. The second type is the secondary effect of lightning, often referred to lightning, that the role of magnetic effects of lightning and electrostatic effects generated by the current generated by the performance: the electromagnetic field generated by the lightning current together with the lightning current dramatic changes. On the other hand also due to electrostatic charge induced on a metal object or will induce a high voltage (up to several thousands of volts) electrical wiring, can seriously jeopardize the safety of equipment and personnel. The third category is the lightning current along the pipeline route electrical lines and reached the high voltage inside the building, the potential introduction of so-called, which of course is very dangerous.
Consisting of lightning protection devices
In general, lightning protection devices can be divided into three basic parts.
Air terminals
Air terminals, also known by the thunder means lightning current receiving a metal conductor, also known as lightning or lightning with a net.
Deflectors are connected to the lightning rod (mesh) conductor and grounding devices, generally laid on the roof and walls. Its role is to lightning current from the lightning means that lead to the grounding device.
Ground equipment – Ground pile
It should be noted that in order to equipment and personal safety, lightning protection between the DC and safely protected and should be spaced more than 15m.
The relationship between several earthing system
If the DC yet, the security, the exchange of land and lightning protection component systems, and access to a different place each pile, the biggest advantage of this scheme is that prevents other devices interfere with the stable operation of the computer, but the construction complex expensive, hard to find the right occasion.
Now we adopt such a scheme, the DC ground, mine are each grounded separately, the security exchange to share with a pile. That is the middle of all AC electrical equipment within the room together with midline abutting end distribution cabinet; then each device chassis (frame) together with insulated wire, also connected to the neutral terminal distribution cabinet on, and then use an external bus lead to the engine room to pile on the ground.
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