XiaoYan the colorful fire plate first couldn’t resist.

“XiaoYan five round plate is not the guy from the fire of saniathavipa syana refers to the opponent!”

Small medical fairy who face is also becomes ugly at cheap christian louboutin the moment of up, it’s in the body is already running up newsletter, obviously is ready for the shots at any time.

Embalmed son jade hand hold, the beautiful eyes, golden flame surge of abruptly.

Mang day feet on the face of the moment is dignified in smile is replaced, slowly stood up, and XiaoYan can with ancient demon spell at this step, already go to all people expect, but look at the situation, he still have to have to make moves, otherwise, XiaoYan I’m afraid really will die in ancient demon hands.

“XiaoYan young master the body in urgent disappear…… it’s

In Mang days’ going to make moves, one side of green scale, is suddenly whispered.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

induction once, and it does now, XiaoYan breath, suddenly become weak and many in this moment, this is to make them some public startled and confused, XiaoYan with TianJie achievement method, in body, it’s quite a full, the five rounds although need not from the dominated quarrelling, but also will not let XiaoYan reach the point of weakness.


In Mang day feet, vacant rooms, the sky of the dish, finally is can’t hold the power to saniathavipa syana terror, and bang, consists of since the, the blowout and popping open, hot flametongue suddenly and violently shooting up, will the boulders below instant melt.

“XiaoYan, die!”

Looking at the collapsed from the colorful fire dish, the ancient demon ancient demon cold on the face, right now, is also emerging and with a sneer at, although after and five rounds of the dish from the fire consumed, the energy is saniathavipa syana refers to consume most, but the rest of the energy, the XiaoYan will be enough to completely cut kill!

The huge black slightly appear unreal to, in a landslide, will five rounds from fire =destroy, the scene, let all people to understand, the exchange, the battle is already points!


See this scene, embalm son finally is mood.according, golden flame directly from the body is critical poured forth, just to make moves, one side of Mang day is at the feet of the block, sink a track: “wait!”