The power of the lineage of the terrible” incredibly even star tray is overwhelming!”

See this scene, is not only the people ‘family of unusual is the elders”s face is the color of horror “rely on the power of the blood shatter star tray’ it ‘even though they are’ never heard of it!


In the crack in the ninth spread ‘star after a dark stars’ cheap christian louboutin a fluorescent’ golden area suddenly if brittle if the emergence of out now.

With the emergence of a fluorescent looked at golden, this piece of all of the voice between heaven and earth, all is quiet moments, and even hover on the sky of those even obscure breath ‘is quietly pause down’ between dull, have a pleasant surprise to spread and open.

Golden fluorescence appeared, the rapid spread of is’ a few short blink time ‘fluorescence is become about thumb size “immediately, fluorescence is crawling up” after a long time “a perfect golden, a slightly dark stars, is absolutely appeared in countless under the gaze of vision.

“Bang” ‘

In the first ten star when the golden stars appear at that exactof “that star tray ‘with a bang directly is burst open and a golden light beam of the” embalm son jade hand critical shot above the sky’ a stream of extreme of violent pressure from the Wisconsin ‘of open diffuses light beam, in this kind of wei pressure under the present “the vast majority of the’ are horrified and found that it’s in the body, incredibly direct is stopped operating ‘even even soul’ are spread out a kind of fear”

This is a bit of the upper of the fear!

“Ten star”, ShenPin veins! “‘

All of the ancient race of people ‘at the way dumbfounded straight up the sky of the golden light beam, they have got the same son with the blood, that kind of wei pressure for them’ appears more strong, then has numerous ancient is of great people ‘can’t stand such intense pressure has “burst a, is to” face fell in the’ full of fanaticism.

XiaoYan-such as the flash is around half the ancient fell underincludes a battered Lin, “but some elders and the ancient demon such strength’ didn’t fell ‘but is also slightly bend up’ eyes didn’t dare to look in the field that way widely golden.

“I go great lad ShenPin blood ah ‘ancient race is really a blessing,” Mang day o margin is feet light sigh’ voice has a cover up not to live of envy ‘as he was a ray peoples, nature is very clear of the so-called ShenPin blood “for an ancient race’ how important.

“Ha ha” ‘you should know that the terrible embalm son?”

The towering giant tree, “that QingShan man narrow her eyes micro look out over the way the golden light ‘smile two already behind the humanitarian dumbfounded.

“ShenPin ‘,