Its tall ancient trees, and the ancient clan elders since shaw left after family, she has been will zhongzhou they occupy the quota to now, now shaw finally someone came here, family but you have even this a quota is not returned, it also did go too far?” ,

Colorful light suddenly and violently shot into the hall, all the elders are shrouded in among them, a cool voice, is also in the hall of then, sudden ring.

When the way light colors over nave, many elders ghd purple complexion is a slight change, the body is imperceptible shake of a shake, the blood pressure willy, unless they strength seemed to it, I’m afraid directly with those who fell down as the…… ,

“Embalm son”

Some elders wry smile 1, this level of blood pressure has, in ancient race in addition to embalm son besides, who else could have.

In the eyes of many watched, a widely is slowly move hall, colorful luster, since it is in the diffuse the eyebrows.

“Well embalmed son, first will race lines away.” The xuan elders helplessly sigh, glanced at the complexion some not so see its tall ancient trees and the elders of the people, way.

Hear the words of the xuan elders have son in the eyebrows of discus luster have gradually reduce, step to the table and beautiful eyes dancing xu some anger, she will know that, these guys certainly would not be so easily is XiaoYan now the latter showed strong strength, but some people, still can’t help to XiaBanZi secretly.

“But I have perfumed son, ancient peoples! Work also should be more ancient race for heart!” Its tall ancient trees, calm face, way.

“Its tall ancient trees, though I was the elders of the race, but you some things, and don’t do too much too much, this number, the ancient race is already accounts for a day big cheap, and since that year shaw, their family leave zhongzhou quota has been to my ancient race, say, is also my family of the ancient pile them a feeling, but now xiao family not easy to someone to come here, you not only don’t return the number of others, also want to will be completely out of” this kind of matter, I’m afraid as long as it is a of conscience, do not come out? “Embalm son looked straight at its tall ancient trees, words is become very of relentless rise, let to the latter time incredibly can only calm face, difficult to argue.

“Embalm son, here is the elders of the place, you on a rush has be bad custom” GuQian eyebrows a wrinkly, way.

“GuQian elders,” aren’t you the right family lines 7 not to become?” Embalmed son cold track.

Smell speech it GuQian one leng, and some xing xing, according to the custom of the family, as long as it is with seven colourful race lines kinsmen, position can beyond the moment that most of the elders, to enter the conference room, but also is nothing illegal place.

“The, don’t noisy… the xuan elders frown slightly it finally is open way.

Hear his voice, is also the main halls in slightly quiet many, a gathering in the eyes on the xuan elders