Hear XiaoYan problem, the way people smiled, and then slowly turned around, this person about age in about forty, looks like an ordinary middle-aged general, a simple linen, make some face hung on smile, let the gadites of slightly’s mind.

This ordinary appearance, and XiaoYan heart imagine some gap, but he had not recovered from the gap to god, the middle-aged next words, is to let him dumbfounded down.

“I have perfumed is the father of the son……” ,

“The father…… embalm son” ,

XiaoYan shout shout in silence, he had listened to ghd straighteners embalm son about, her father, is the chief of the fathers of the family, is of the earth and the heaven, one of the top real exMBT kafala shoes clearance,clearance MBT moja shoes istence,……

And now, the odds of the continent’s top exist, this is in a very common shape, appearing in front of him!

Looking at the XiaoYan dumbfounded appearance, the middle-aged is also couldn’t help but smile smile ‘way: “very surprised?”

Smell speech ‘XiaoYan is also gradually from the shock of the return to absolute’ secretly looked up the before middle-aged, GanXiao 1, time incredibly is some didn’t know what to say to the strength “tongtian terrorist characters’ as if his heart as long as before rotating any thought ‘are will be each other found the average.

“Ha ha” my name is’ on ‘artist you in those days were born’ we is seen, only no one know my identity just ‘ ‘middle age man light laughed.

XiaoYan a face of fright ‘apparently never  came to the world, is seen the strength of the ancient race of the heads of the directional quadrates.

“Don’t know artist of the heads of the younger generation, is in such what important?” XiaoYan hesitate a son, track objects.

“Natural because you have perfumed with the son.” Artist say with smile.

Smell speech, XiaoYan mind micro Lin however ‘eyebrows a wrinkly also couldn’t help, way: “the heads of the artist to have son together with me?'”

“I’m not my purpose ‘as long as have this, I would son, a father” is bad also to force her, and she now in the ShenPin’ blood ‘even if I’m the heads of the families’ cannot forcibly ordered her to do’ ‘artist smiled’ way: “you of words’ although the race to the top of the young generation with some distance ‘but also calculate qualified”,

Hear this XiaoYan YiZheng ‘immediately’ eyes lit up  emerging, this time in the ancient world ‘he found in most of the family, he had some hostility “and the artist before, but some to his expectation.

“Thank you for heads artist.” XiaoYan fuels like way.

“You don’t rush to happy” although I don’t stop you, but the ancient clan elders and some more of the old exist, but are some bad feelings about this’ after all is I have perfumed son nearly one thousand years the family has not appeared ShenPin blood ‘ ‘they don’t want to the natural because the other things that the blood are not perfect, so you will face some of the “block, also not relaxed’ these things from the heads of the families’ my identity, it could not give you too much help ‘after all of the heads of the inevitable, is to race for light” artist light way.

XiaoYan was’ tiny nodded his head….