Hammock is considered as very comfortable as that of any other type of tents. You find several campers using these types of tents in the forest while camping. Start finding with two perfect trees and start tying hammock on it for the pleasure that you have never imagined of. Today hammock tents are seen as an alternative for simple type of tents that we usually used while camping. Ensure that area around it is free from any dangerous bugs or flying insects.

The another thing while choosing this type of hammock as your camping tent is to choose two very strong trees that can carry the load of it. The space between both of these trees should be accurate to hang it. For indoor purpose you can choose cotton fabric also. But never use it for outdoor as cotton is more likely to rot in moisture and damp climate. But if you don’t know whether you will keep in inside or outside then nylon will be best in this regard.

While others say that it is better to set up tent on ground because it provides comfort to back position while it is not possible with hammock. Novice campers have started to take interest in it only but they often feel it compleicatedt to set up for the first time.

You can just hang it with any strong tree. But ensure that you don’t high it too high otherwise you may find difficulty in using it or lying on it. Just hand it in such a way on which you can sit comfortably. But if you take a look at its advantages then you will definitely find it useful. In case if it rains then in grounded tent you may have to pack up your camping because you won’t be able to lie on it.

Some people are of the thinking that because of the less space in hammock, you may find it difficult to lie on it properly. If you are thinking that how will you know that which tree is perfect then just make sure that the height of its trunk is  8 inches in diameter or 25 inches around. You should purchase it according to the number of members in your family. If you have combine family then always opt for large size hammock.

Whenever a matter comes about hammock tents then it remains some feet above the ground. In muddy surface you always remain worry about crawling insects like snake etc which never comes in case of above mentioned tent. Just by setting it up for the first time you will find it easy to hang for the next time.

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