Along with the development of the city, in recent years, the new rural construction carried out throughout the country like a raging fire, the integration of urban and rural is popularized gradually, a few villages and communities, land saving, release more advantageous resources. During the construction process, also produced a lot of construction waste, these construction waste not only pollute the environment, but also occupy large tracts of land, resulting in a serious waste of resources.
As the saying goes “magic goes,” where, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery researches and develops the home-made construction waste mobile crushing station, just to solve this problem.
The products produced by Hongxing Company has become the market with the most potential for development of equipment, the equipment has the advantages of convenient and flexible, simple operation, structures and characteristics such as easy installation, so has Beijing, Guangzhou and other provinces and cities in the favor of customers, mobile crushing station used to drive mode, advanced technology, complete functions. In any terrain conditions, this device can reach any position of the work site. This can reduce the material processing operation, and is convenient for all auxiliary equipment coordination. Through the wireless remote control, can be very easily to the crusher to the trailer, and it is transported to the job site. Without the assembly time, so the equipment to work site can be put to work immediately. Mobile crusher broken than large, the optimum design can meet the needs of crusher technical characteristics, high productivity, and product particle size uniformity.
The building rubbish mobile crusher station, new rural construction, pile up like a mountain hand building rubbish will no longer be a people’s burden. Around in the new rural construction in Beijing, Guangzhou and began studying the first-tier cities development mode, walk the road of construction waste resource, introduce Hongxing mining mobile construction garbage crushing station, solve effectively in the new rural construction the problems of construction garbage, let the building rubbish will no longer be a stumbling block to the development of new rural area, but the comply with a society to develop new ideas, make it become the new rural construction the journey of a good assistant, is a beautiful scenery line.
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