You may have heard about dedicated server. When you make use of such type of server there will be no one else using that server, in other words you don’t have to share that with others. If you make use of dedicated server then you can be rest assured that the server will provide you utmost features at finest level. You can store your entire data on it and no one else will be able to store their date on this server. In case you feel the need of expanding your business in future you can use the same server for some additional database and the extra work load created because of business expansion.

In case of dedicated server there is one more facility. At a particular time period ever if you feel that your websites permit doesn’t take much space and allow you to share your private dedicated server, then you can share your server space with anyone else. A person who is ready to pay you rent. Your operating cost will be reduced by 50%.

On the other hand if you are new to the business world and prefer using shared server then it is just opposite to the above mentioned one. It is best for those who want to cut down on the cost of server hosting. Its downside is that here you will have to share your space with others on the server as it becomes clear from its name itself. While using shared hosting services if you feel to increase the bandwidth and opt for a greater space then you may shift your work load to dedicated server.

If you judge between the pros and cons of a shared server with that of dedicated one, you will comprehend that both of them have similar benefits and also downsides in their own way. In the fact advantages of anyone of that depends totally on your work requirements.

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