The next day, fiery red sun, and break the bondage of the horizon, leap out, instantly, the warmth of the sun, illuminate all things of the earth.

The room in, young slowly will gown, let have to XiaoYan the comely face, many points mysterious feeling.

The face with cold water, XiaoYan looked up at the mirror that piece of white slightly gentle comely face, light smiled, the right hand flat ground out, nano quit flickers, foot have XiaoYan height, huge black giant feet, suddenly flash!

Hand grasp on feet handle, feet and body flip, blitz compression strength gas in the room to blow a breeze, with a slight noise, the huge black feet, was inclined inserted in the above back.

Patted the palm, XiaoYan push out, and do the hotel, and then not disturb anyone, crossing the don’t slow steps, along the streets, out of the gate, and stood at the gate of a place outside
unLan Pope, gamma empire is the most powerful force, successive uninterrupted inheritance, already let the old partisan, standing on the top of the empire gamma, if not because of sectarian Canon said, is not to take WangZhiQuan emperor, I’m afraid, in the past several times at the beginning of the new dynasty empire, YunLan Pope, is completely dominated the whole gamma empire. / first. Hair

And also because of this, each generation of imperial royal, all of the nearby jumbo extremely fear, when in this gamma royal, because it has additional punishment day this guardian and the mysterious animals and birds protection, this generation of the royal family, finally have made some can let to YunLan Pope also slightly fear strength, so, gamma royal sent in the cloud lanshan under the foot of the mountain that a veteran of elite legion, have always live together peacefully.

Royal will army stationed in here for many years, its purpose is almost anyone clear, they are on guard for the YunLan Pope

For the royal this move, YunLan Pope didn’t have too severe reflect, in addition to just began to sectary some young disciple some QiBuGuo to army trouble occasionally, except in cases of high-level, for it, but to keep silent, because they know, the bed side, or let others ghd hair straighteners sleep, emperor home much suspicion, to this, they would already be accustomed to, as long as YunLan Pope a day not collapse, so, at the foot of the army, always dare not to have any exclusive moving.

No gamma imperial dynasty, dare to true to YunLan Pope make moves, because they all know, this super hornet’s nest, one tong, but will the days

YunLan Pope based on cloud above lanshan, and cloud lanshan, the distance of the imperial only in the distance, both between, very near apart, like two to depend on each other of the colossus.

Although in order to this day, XiaoYan had been waiting for three years, but he did not use ziyun wing of a hurry hurry, but is don’t slow step of steps, from the end of the line of sight in straight cutting into the sky as white as snow mountain line, a big black robes, and carries a giant feet, just like the austerity.