This time the staggered. Let two people all is a sound stuffy hum. XiaoYan right hand gently pat face. Hard board. With explosive. And his body shape. Also with the aid of the reverse thrust. Ejection and up. Then light fell back to the surface. Small back a few steps. Will go to extraordinary lengths to dissolve after. Look slightly dignified looked at the opposite in the back room. Will a table touch wood riditself of war.

Just a minute. Two people is experienced a soul-stirring ghd straighteners close-fitting hand-to-hand combat. The previous round clash. No matter who a little absence. It will be the other party the remorseless attacks. Boom extremely discomfiture.

Chapter two hundred and ninety-nine collected orchid’s release

In the hall. All painted face surprised at XiaoYan. They didn’t expect. The look should be good at refined medicine youth. Even in battle aspects. How much less than a wooden war. The previous round lightning cross swords. Time is short. But it all know that one of the dangerous.

Wooden war in the royal park young generation. Combat talent almost say is second to none. And in the holy city of gamma. And few peers can and he war neck and neck. Especially after the two years of military camp experience. Now the wood war. No doubt is better than before more henge and tigress. However, in the . But they will not forget. The plain youth. Is also completely with the body instinct in combat.

“I didn’t think of that YanXiao battle effectiveness was still so good…” Amazement at XiaoYan. The little princess Ya however way. She is the most clear but wooden war in the battle of the talent. However, in the just. But he did not YanXiao will beat the utmost discomfiture. But two people is no points up and down and “field.

LiuLing mouth slightly smoke extraction. Haven’t seen imagination XiaoYan hit the utterly routed scene. His mind now and not how good. Listen to the words of the little princess was surprised to hear that. His heart slightly some don’t please. Light way: “if wooden war is really let go of hands and feet to war. I dare say. YanXiao is not opponents!”

“Ha ha. Maybe.” The little princess did not the earliest smiled. As women. Her observation nature is better than in the LiuLing were carefully many. In wooden war between back. She see clear. This guy’s feet. Back room. Slightly some not natural. It seems. In the previous the blow between to boom. Wooden war seemed to be a little dark “.

“YanXiao. Are you all right?”

=”Nothing.” XiaoYan slightly smiled. Sleeve dress down. Fist indent sleeve robe in. Slightly trembling. Will the shares on the fist pain out slowly.

“This guy. Strength. It seems it is very strong. Should be in the bucket division between eight star and even nine star…” The feeling on the fist coming from a pain. XiaoYan in the heart secretly guessing word

“But… he must be bad at this time also by… fire g wood. Violet’s internal heat of the first ignition. But let’s this guy had a dark kui.” Hsiao glanced at wooden war feet. A mouth with a sneer.

Wooden war a face of ferocious look death staring at XiaoYan. From the sole of the pain. let

Anxious looking at the back of the XiaoYan. The princess came quickly. Concern asked. Speaking at the same time. Hands has caught the first sleeves. Is obviously don’t want him to go up fighting.