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Sales Effectiveness Portal This electronic tool is a website that new hires can use to quickly and efficiently learn key concepts required for sales success. We work with each mining machinery cone crusher customer organization to develop a custom itinerary that spells out each step in the sales effectiveness on-boarding process. Some of the steps in this process typically include:
Clicking on each component of the Counselor Sales Person (CSP)/ Versatile Sales Person (VSP) Advisor to get an introduction to key concepts in the sales process

Looking at the trade in the rare earth stocks today it is striking how much of the money in this space is trading dollars and how little is investment dollars. Lynas is getting little bid for the key news announced regarding their temporary licence application. It’s true traders seem unable to crush the stock, but those same traders fear holding “dead money” since the next big moment appears will happen at the end of the month. Waiting till the end of the month is fine with investors but clearly feels too long to the traders out there.
Engaging in realistic electronic simulations of customer interactions that allow the new hire to gain experience in sales situations in a safe learning environment with zero risk. Our simulations are concluded with comments from a virtual coach who provides feedback on effective and less than effective choices made by the new hire. Sales reps can then e-mail the results of their simulation to their manager and receive face to face coaching focused on the areas where they have the greatest need for improvement while still celebrating and leveraging their strengths.
But even Moly has lost it’s momentum status and can’t move the stock on a press release. At this point, they seem to trade on Phoenix progress and Light Rare Earth Element (LREE) prices. The investment case several have explained well still seems overwhelmed by the traders. Even more evidence is offered by Rare Element Resources LTd. REE’s increase in measured  and inferred reserves is producing a classic traders “explorer pop” even though this stock is a long way from production.
Going to a glossary in real time to look up key terms used in sales meetings and written communication. Because the glossary is on-line and interactive, it allows new sales reps to take charge of their own development by looking up unfamiliar terms as soon as they are encountered. Because all definitions are written in everyday language, this is an excellent way for new hires to quickly master the jargon often encountered when first being introduced into a new sales culture.