Bend and twist the sole of the shoe several times before installing studs if the soccer shoes are new.Check the stud wells,

the area on the sole of the Cheap Soccer

Cleatswhere the studs are screwed in, for any debris whether attaching studs to new or used shoes. Tap the adidas F50 adiZero

shoes gently against a hard surface to dislodge the debris. Remove gravel lodged in the wells with thin tweezers. Place a few

drops of water in the well and use a needle in a circular motion to stir out hard, dried dirt. Dry out the well afterwards with

a rag. Apply two drops of oil to keep the well rust-free. Check the threads of the studs and clean off any debris.
Place the screw arm of a stud into a well. Screw the stud in slowly by hand at first until the threads catch. Do not force

the stud into the well as the threads may become damaged.Use a stud key to completely tighten each stud. Turn the key in a

counterclockwise direction.It is easy to put studs in the Adidas Profi Cleats.Ronaldo’s legendary jersey #9 is printed behind the tongue, and the Nike Mercurial Vapor cleats themselves have uniquely long “teeth” to bite into the sod as you blaze down the field.Puma King XLThe original Puma King was re-engineered as the Puma King XL with fewer panels and softer leather to add more feel to the shoe. The Puma King XL also has a welcome heel protector for those ball challenges that get a little too close for comfort on the pitch.Umbro Speciali SXMade from water-resistant kangaroo leather and ceramic, the Umbro line is an excellent, lightweight boot with a soft touch. The Speciali is the latest incarnation of the Umbro X-line and comes in white with the trademark red diamond pattern on the side.

It adorns the feet of great English soccer stars like John Terry.Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho R10Named after the famous soccer player from Brazil, the Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho R10 was made to the exact specifications designed by the man himself. Available in many different colors, these Adidas Adipower Predator soccer cleats are well known for their touch and snug, but comfortable feel. The ones Ronaldinho wears are black with the trademark white Nike “swoosh” on the side.Lotto Zhero GravityLotto is a well-known Italian sports shoe manufacturer that has been making reliable soccer cleats since the 1980s. The Lotto Zhero Gravity is Lotto’s top-of-the-line soccer shoe that was specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of professional players.powered by xmby dds-cheap soccer cleats-2012-08-24