Whether you are in the final straight or at the very beginning of your preparations, this article is for you. From brides have -via Facebook – answered the question: what advice would you give the bride-to-be to organize her marriage ? Here are their best answers.

In the past, marriages were for life; In fact, in many countries there is no legislation protecting divorce , but in the same way that women have freed themselves from social and economic barriers, the consensual union, marriage, Is more inescapable but the refuge to face the surprises of life.

But if, before, marriage was an irremovable institution in which conflicts and misfortune were forgotten, now we often go to the other side and the relationship pays for the broken pots of the usual vicissitudes of life, with a sudden separation and premature. The children then become boats drifting in view of the in communication of their parents.

Certainly, life as a couple is not a panacea. One needs patience and intelligence to overcome the crises that exist in all couples and the exit can not always be the dissolution of the couple. It is necessary to always remember what one day united you and if there is still love, you deserve another opportunity.


Advice to organize your wedding 1: A detailed schedule for all participants:

Mayne: Plan well on D-Day, indicating who is doing what and when and give a copy to all those who give you a hand on this great day (parents / witnesses / brothers …). All you have to do is to let yourself be carried as everything will be organized and taken care of. The schedule to download here.

Advice to organize your marriage 2: De-stress because everything is never perfect:

Joanna: I would say to get in the head early enough that everything will not necessarily happen as we originally planned and that since we are the only one to know what we have planned, it is not worth it to Stress, no one will know that it lacks a small detail. On the other hand, tell your bride team what is very important for you, like that at least, you will be sure that it will happen as you wish. Already with this, we enjoy better the day! Testimonial: the cowboys of the day J.

Advice to organize your wedding 3: Do not buy too early the decoration:

Eugénie: Procrastination is by no means ALL a rule to follow for a bride-to-be … however, it is not useful to choose all its decoration 12 months in advance, at the risk of falling on The future tendencies, which of course will make you melt of envy, but they will be too late. Because, of course, it is also not advisable to change your mind decor-dress-place … every 15 days! A few decorative inspirations here.

Advice to organize your wedding 4: Do not overestimate your loved ones:

Angele: By wanting to entrust to them too many missions (to save some presto), one can quickly arrive at the fiasco. Because even if they are of good will, they do not necessarily know how to do. And why not hire a wedding planner ?

Advice to organize her marriage 5: Appealing the pros:

Bérengère: Take a photographer pro preparations in the morning to the cake in the evening! The photos will be the only memories of this lightning day !!! And ask someone to film the speeches. Bet the max on these points! 10 tips for choosing your wedding photographer.

Advice to organize your wedding 6: Anticipate the details:

Sophie: Make a picture of the table decoration, the room decor you want and EVERYTHING detail so that those who put up do not come to break you candy during your hairdressing / make-up session (or discover on the pictures that ‘They forgot to put water in the candle holders: it’s lived). And here is an example of what would be perfect: boxes with top, glued photos.

Advice to organize her wedding 7: Create a wedding blog:

Céline: we had made a website on which we had taken all essential information: the stages of the day, the people to contact, the RSVP, the wedding list, etc … and we mentioned the address of the site On our announcements! Everyone did not quite understand that there was the site, but overall it was very convenient, and it saved us from answering 100 times to the same questions! Article to read: Why create a wedding blog?

Advice to organize your marriage 8: Invite only important people:

Gabriela: Invite only people you really want to see at your wedding! We quickly realize during the preparations that so-and-so has nothing to do with marriage … And it’s already too late. At worst: Make a list of Bis guests and send them out only 2 to 3 months before. And anticipate the question that you will necessarily have: and me, you invite me to your marriage?

Advice to organize her wedding 9: Make a wedding in her image:

Nadège: Do not let go what you want to please the family! We think that it is not so bad to let go of this or that idea because we do not want to enter the conflict or to please someone but in the end we feel like we have Lost some of her marriage … So hold on if something is close to your heart! And regularly refocus on the real question: what does it mean to succeed in marriage?

Advice to organize your marriage 10: Do not think you will think of it on D-Day :
Fanny: Plan everything down to the last detail and do not say “I’ll have to think about it at that time” because clearly, on D-Day, we let ourselves be “carried” by events and the brain is in Extinguished mode … for example I had left in my wardrobe the dress I wished to wear for the brunch the next day, telling me “when I put on my dress, I would take the 2nd dress under my arm and put it in the trunk”. Of course, I forgot it and I realized it on Sunday morning when I got up. So the day before we prepare everything, we put everything in the trunk, we brief everybody because the day J no longer think of anything (and so much better besides)!

Any marriage has its problems, which can arise at all times. The important thing is to learn how to deal with it gently and before they destroy the relationship. Here are the best tips and advice for a happy and lasting marriage.

Whether you are an old couple or newly married, there are some basic rules to follow. It is not always easy to put them into practice, but it is important to do so. If you respect them, your marriage will be more solid and you will appreciate even more the good sides of the life to two – pleasure, sex, confidence, affection.