Language Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (LCS®) is ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality management systems. Established in 2005 and incorporated as Private Limited Company in 2008, LCS® is a leading global language solutions provider, enabling companies to enter global markets with high quality multilingual products. LCS® strives to deliver reliable and quality translation services of global standards that exceed client’s expectations.

With many years of experience working with a variety of clients, from SMEs to some of the world’s largest multinational organisations, we have developed a translation process, which not only guarantees accurate and fast turnaround time, but also competitive pricing and special offers for regular and high volume work.

As a professional language translation company, we only work with linguists with very high work ethics. Our translators are not only native speakers of your target language, but also have a first-hand experience in your particular business sector, whether its legal, marketing, medical or technical area. We understand that a conversation between two doctors will be completely different to the one between two lawyers, and our linguists ensure that any sector specific jargon or lingo is translated accurately.

Similarly, we always make sure that our translation services are carefully localised specifically in the areas of the world you intend to address with your material. Surely, French spoken in France is slightly different to the one spoken in Canada, alike German for the German market is different to the one spoken in Switzerland. We, as a translation agency and each of our project managers fully understand these small nuances and so we ensure that your documents are not only accurately translated, but also carefully and reliably localized.
Our Management Team

Ms. Ranjana Ojha
Managing Director, Founder

Under the leadership of Ms. Ranjana Ojha, LCS® was founded in 2005. Ms. Ranjana has always had the vision for business in services sector. Her entrepreneurial abilities led her to start LCS® that would offer an array of Language solutions under one roof. Ms. Ranjana has a Masters degree in languages from Jawaharlal Nehru University.

From LCS’s inception, Ms. Ranjana believes in the strength of language, cultural and ethnic diversity. She has been in the forefront in bridging the language communication gap and “making the world a little smaller”. She has been instrumental in building a dynamic organization through her vision, integrity, dedication, hard work and unmatched approach to quality. Ms. Ranjana has helped build LCS® into one of the premier translation agencies.

Mr. Shadab Khan
Director Marketing

Mr. Khan leads and manages the worldwide operations of Language Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. In his role, he is responsible for setting corporate strategy and achieving profitable growth. Mr. Khan has over 8 years of experience in building and growing successful global trade and services organizations.

Prior to joining LCS® in 2007, he was the Country Head of UK division of a leading export house of India. He also spent four years at Li & Fung Trading Ltd., a Hong Kong based multi-billion dollar trading firm. He was also the Head of Home textiles division of El Corte Ingles S A, a Spain based retail giant. Mr. Khan has a Masters in Spanish Philology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.

Document Translation & Project Management

LCS’s team of dedicated project managers plays a crucial role in the day-to-day running of the company. Their tasks include much more than just emailing a document to a translator, receiving the translation back from them, delivering it to the client and then signing off for the day.

In the first instance, they act as bridge between client and translator, and it is not just about finding a translator for a client, it’s about finding the right translator for that document. LCS has an extensive database of experienced and specialized translators from different industries.

The Project Manager’s first job is to find the translator that best suits the content contained in a document. If it is business, legal, technical, or a general document, there is a translator/s that is suited for that document and it is the first task of the Project Manager to find that person (or persons if you are translating into more than one language or using multiple translators for the same project).

The next step is to work closely and keep in touch with the translator(s) working on a job, ensuring that they will have it completed and ready by the set deadline and keeping clients posted on the progress of the job, should there be any queries it will be addressed. If the document requires glossary, it has to be prepared if it is not already available and shared with the translator.

Keeping the progress of the job as transparent as possible is good for all the parties, be it client, or the translator. The client is aware of the progress of the translation, and the Project Manager keeps the client informed of any changes in parameters of translation as the translation progresses. Communication is the key!

The last step involves reviewing and sending the translated document to the client. Be it a draft or final translation, Project Managers do quality control to ensure that the translation is as professional as possible. Only then an email is sent to client informing that a translation is ready for review.

Other duties that Project Managers are in charge of involve, answering questions a customer may have and clients can expect a quick and prompt reply to any query that they may have. Quotes are another specialty that Project Managers handle and that job is too done promptly ensuring that it is ultra-smooth and hassle free.

The name of the game for project managers is time management & flexibility. There are many different areas demanding attention that need to be attended to, identifying which is the most important and crucial to the operation of the business separates a good project manager from the great one. The best project managers knows that it is the customer that always, always take top priority.

LCS, a leading Translation Localization Company based in New Delhi is on a mission to get translations done professionally & faster.

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