Gently reinhard 1, flower eyebrow arm suddenly ring lived NieKong neck, meat bulging two group to NieKong chest, as he steps of ceng exceed to move and moving. Soft play quite tactility came that NieKong can even feel the two grain of convex point, but then his mind but not a charming idea.

Flower eyebrow jiao hindquarters not heavy, NieKong hold up but some sweaty, finally to mobilize the spirit force opening hole, just put the flowers eyebrow embrace into the next room.

The red candle in the room only XiaoBanJie day spirit ghd straighteners mainland candle than the previous generation to resistance to burn, is to use a spirit beast oil is made, ruler to long candles can point in ten days and a half months.

Her bedroom also simple, only NieKong than there has a small wardrobe. Gently will spend eyebrow on the bed, NieKong carefully to help her to take off shoes, yi good quilt.

Take his game 1 loss and delicate eyebrows surface, as , but now, he is really in love with the good girl. Of course, this kind of like only like, neither the original NieKong elder brother’s wife to the kind of love, nor inclusion of love between men and women.

For a moment, NieKong just got up and down bed curtain, blow out the candle, out of the room.

In the dark, flower eyebrow wu wear face big gulp of panting up, the heart like a tattoo from the chest sprung out, the feeling of hot from cheek spread to the whole body, lets her entire person are soft, his uncle has been hold to the bed, but he also that hug him, okay? A disgrace.

NieKong lazily yawn, isolation out of the blood of the cause, he’s all cable car glides, sleep last night very comfortable, if xiang xiang not to fight him, then the more enjoyable.

“Oh my! Ah…”

Little anxiously urged up.

Since the absorption blood recognition after the success of the , shirt-sleeve pharmacists player’s purple luo HuanLing sweet already don’t like cold game data, but like flesh have spiritual little baby.

NieKong had to cross one’s legs sit well, lit candles, cast nine turn to promote the operation. Along with the RouNian day needle speed more and more quickly, the room suddenly sounded the buzz.

The efficacy of meridians, it is purple luo HuanLing sweet the best food.

When the first to melt the efficacy of a bus to the “jade pool hole”, purple luo HuanLing sweet finally quiet down, through the bud seam to absorb in a large amount.

Fast, let a person receiving orders and tongue.