Less than a quarter of an hour of kung fu, last night, the rest of the efficacy of eighty percent, incredibly and go to a half, are all little absorption clean.

“Good big appetite.”

Hand movement slowly, NieKong dark suction mouth of the narrative, just sprout so can eat, if scattered leaf after flowering, that never. (kaka ? learning www.kakawenxue.com)

Between the mind, NieKong found little surface the way bud seam incredibly louboutin uk closed up, can’t help the possession YiZheng, hurriedly induction once, just know purple luo HuanLing sweet sleep again began. Ate and slept eat, really… The pig! NieKong could not help but shook his head.

Little one no longer need it, NieKong did not stop, continues to carry on “nine turn to promote the operation” second cycle. This time, NieKong object is the condensation in the meridians of the spirit force, and he chose the first meridians, it is odd after eight of the pulse as vein.

Ren channel not only in collusion with the spirit force of uniting the the foundation of “spirit god three opening”, also link to the jade pool, fan spring temple, three great saphenous hole, nature is the preferred dredge the meridians.

NieKong’s luck “five-star move tactic”, in the pubic region three opening hole began to quake. In NieKong under control, the spirit force condensed in the right hand between thumb and forefinger, through continuous RouNian, injection that pieces ofAt the moment, is like the surface of a clear calm lake into a boulder, to promote the intense shock, in the violent buzz, NieKong body such as corrugated meridians as ripples up. The whole body is as frame in the furnace top, skin red as blood, heat passes pore.

Suddenly, perineum caves emitted a cloud of warm current, it is setting truthfully qualitative spirit force begins to dissolve. Like the fallen domino, the spirit force dissolved in perineum place appear, then spiralling out of control, continuously green breath bulk chemical apart, that is all wood system spirit force. (? ? ? Xue W ? W.K a ? ? Wen ? u ?. ? ? ?)

The feeling as running water injection to “spirit god three orifices” spirit force, NieKong didn’t realize this body original owners of penance ten years accumulate down spirit force how pure, what a powerful. His efforts were not in vain, but enjoy his penance results has been replaced by the NieKong now.

Melt in the sustained, spirit force increasing.

explosion. Faint rooms, NieKong as if in a hole in the bladder feel an invisible barrie.

“Is about to break through?” Nie in hollow micro pleased, more the spirit force injection day needle, hand speed fastest, ren reef spirit force flying ablation, such as silk such as the influx of opening hole, and then with the opening hole of severe vibration, such as waves, toward the layer intangible barrie impact the past.


The body a sonic boom history, NieKong body a shock, and then the whole people is like gone with the wind up, a smooth and comfortable feeling swell through the whole body.

Spirit together two goods!