“What do you say?” In the back of the original lines JinYunHe look on my body, face a cloud immediately a lot of.

“I said you were a scum!” I’m not polite and repeated, “yesterday you how be to return a responsibility?! Play your students?! Ha, you surely have ambition!”

“That’s because the guy the dozen!” He sneer at 1, said very taken for granted.

“You!”I can’t help but anger rise hands up, but don’t want to be somebody he caught, he tightly grasp the I will left on hand, stare at a pair of anger eyes looked at me. “Woman, you won’t stupid to think that I would like yesterday to eat you a slap in the face?”

“Hum!”My anger will own hand break out, “the dozen? What did he do things the dozen??! You’re such a bastard! He is just put his hand on your shoulder! Is this the play?! You still isn’t a person you!”

“This boy told you?” JinYunHe picked the eyebrows.

“Dead woman, I finally warn you, you’d better give me listen to enter it.” He bent down and come to me, wrote in the eyes filled with dangerous breath, “HanYing this boy, you gave me a little far away from him.”

“What I give you stay away from him a little bit and far? Why should I give you?!” Because the distance is too close relationship, I immediately jumped apart. “That I also tell you! I feel Korea filmmaker is very good! Very good! I won’t leave him! You satisfied?!”

“You really want to do this?” JinYunHe narrowed his eyes looked at me.

“You say?”

“Ha, you won’t like that bastard?”

“It ‘one of your usine! Had not you let me and him to talk about? Now and no I and his contacts! What’s wrong with you!”

“Stupid woman!” He clenched his fists, on the face filled mbt shoes clearance with anger, then the path go straight toward me, stretch out your hand not polite push for my head will open the drama club gate strode out.


“Mental derangement!” The reaction come over me shout abuse, “still dare to push my head! It is really not desperately! Clearly is the fault of their own, it is more than the somebody else fierce! Ah, have had enough! The world how can have that kind of person!”

Ah ah ah! A: I’m so angry!

I wanted to take the guy took when wood split!

“YinXueJie!” JinYunHe just walk before long, HanYing came. He looks a jump jump, mental state frightfully good, only his head around a few white bandage, it seems strange poor.

“You just haven’t met JinYunHe?” I’m a face of tense look at him, all met again and again that bastard, for a moment he nerve and hit the what to do.

“No, what’s the matter?” HanYing smile ground to ask me.

“Yes, what are you doing? Reaction so big?” ”

“No pull, ha ha I some sensitive” poor child, estimation is JinYunHe to play afraid, HanYing turn a face of serious looking at me, “learn elder sister, permissible Hector senior have said what?”

“Say what? No, he didn’t say what was I away!” I shook my head.

“That’s good……”

“What do you say?” I could feel as if heard something, but not very sure and ask him again.

“Ah? No, nothing”

The child, will not be playing silly? How have a little weird? But said they don’t come out exactly where strange, I will be oversensitive!.

Then one day of rehearsals condition exceptionally bad, astwo gas no words can tell, incredibly early for two hours over rehearsals.

“Your heels how didn’t come?” JinYunHe voice sounded in the drama club, although he didn’t call me, but listen to the tone, I use the toes want to know that he is speaking with me.

“Early today over and don’t you know?” And this bastard speech it is a waste of my saliva, HanYing usually are on time to meet me, today because early put so was an accident.

“Today, you’d better go home alone, let him this kind of person is back home. JinYunHe back bags are go