“You say what? How could I not to go? I have to go!”

“Are you going to do? And not you.” He dare not believe saw my one eye, “don’t get along while, also oneself to roll in. You can stay at here, I come back to

your news. Say that finish, he wants to turn around to leave.

“JinYunHe!” I’m busy honked his hand, with very strong voice said, “I decided things no one can change! I go with you!”

“……” He seems to be some angry looking at me, for a long time, sighed, compromise like said, “go.”

Leaving only a pile of drama club, all stare big eyes, a face of doubt of looking at we leave of figure.

Teaching affair office.

Today in the teaching affair office exceptionally lively, greatly small XueShengKe teacher, dean of students, student representatives are present, there is also a very look

unfamiliar dressed in suits and the middle-aged man, is a face of anger sitting on the dermal sofa. Everybody seems to be not talking, seems to have been waiting for a long


“JinYunHe classmate, you finally come.” Director of teaching and pushed frame on the bridge of the nose on glasses, looked at JinYunHe frowned hair, “into the

door won’t even knocking at the door? It’s no tutor.”

“Director, give it to me straight.” JinYunHe arrogant look at the everybody, face unruly like didn’t anyone in the eyes.

“You this smelly boy! Incredibly dare to take my son make into this appearance! I kill you!” The sitting on the sofa in western dress and leather shoes in the

middle-aged man finally unbearable, on the rampage in the JinYunHe blunt come, stretch out his hand will beat him!

“The sir! You have words to say well, don’t like this!” I looked at it and hurriedly blunt go up, stand in the front JinYunHe.

“Hum!”A middle-aged man, no, should call him HanYing mbt outlet father saw I stopped in front, and black thrown off

his hand, stared JinYunHe one eye, and sat back to the sofa.

“Yin Xi you give me to go back.” JinYunHe a bit ungrateful to pull me to the behind him.

“This classmate is……” Director of teaching and come near me, “oh, that is miss Yin, o miss Yin not back to the classroom?”

“No, director, you have what thing is say.” I came out from behind JinYunHe.

“Okay.” Director of teaching and to look JinYunHe, tone suddenly hard down, “JinYunHe! You know not to know you through yesterday what catastrophe?!”

“Teach a hybrid. JinYunHe light insignificant way, the whole people like MeiShiRen similar.

“You!”Director gas knot.

“You are a tortoise turtle son! Still dare to call my son hybrid! Grandma!” Very not easy to smooth down mood HanYing dad immediately and was angered, if it weren’t

for see in teachers stopped in front of him, he would have rushed up.

“You this child is not saved.” Director of his head, a hate iron not

rewinded into appearance. “Well you know not to know HanYing students have been hospital diagnosed with the lower half lifelong paralysis……”

“What?! 0-0” I frightened. The lower half lifelong paralysis! Good heavens! That is not to say that he will be for the rest of my life in a wheelchair had! My heart

not old a compassion. Then look at HanYing father, his face filled with sadness, seem to be trapped in pain cannot extricate oneself. How can……

We, really do wrong?

“Hum, not dead already very cheap him.” JinYunHe extremely cold said.

“You this smelly boy! You should refuse to repent! Our house HanYing exactly where sinned against you! You have to so to him?! You said! You say!” HanYing father

finally stood up from the sofa, pointing to the JinYunHe loudly accused.

“You the baby son to do what you don’t know?” JinYunHe to he picked the eyebrow.

“What do you mean?!”

“Ha, don’t he learn elder sister dish it out, I wrong?”

“What……” HanYing father one leng. All the people present were also tu’s words have frightened.

“Cough cough, anyway, JinYunHe students.” Director of teaching and the first to open, “this consequence is very serious, no matter HanYing students is good is

bad, he’s punishment also was too heavy. So you also should assume responsibility, compensation will inform your parents pay, but you I will suffer the school to your

punishment. You sell a hit, the consequences of inconceivable, the school to XueShengKe files in your written one greater than punishment.”