I can clearly feel the pace of our feet striking consistent, and the speed of the feet are constantly accelerate in. Don’t out dozens of seconds, those who just beyond our

players have been we reverse beyond a large margin! Soon, I and JinYunHe walked in the first, also is the most close to the finish line that position.

Originally he was not want me to fit him, but by him to cooperate with me. But I didn’t think, he joined together, is such a good… Thinking about thinking about, I will line

of sight moved to side JinYunHe face, his hands are tightly hold my shoulder, his eyes shining with the light of confidence staring at the front, and his lips are sip out of a

good-looking radian rose slightly, the mouth cape hanging light smile, his eyebrow, his nose… I suddenly discovered that I nearby of the people grow is so nice! No wonder the

girl saw him like a lost soul like, grow up such a guy I also have never seen!

“Ah!”Damn it! Visit the stunned I forgot this is cheap christian louboutin n the game! I immediately foot slipped,

and the body straight forward fall to, finished! This really want to break it!

“Oh.” JinYunHe also because joint relationship and I tear down, for a moment he had no reaction to come over, center of gravity not settle down, also follow fell.


I hold this mentality dicey closed his eyes. “Bang.” Squeezed! So head hurts, wait a minute! Like something down! Ah! Wait a minute! Don’t! Once again, I closed his


JinYunHe lips so accurate pressure in the above my lips.

Two people so zheng big eyes stare at each other.

A few seconds later, he quickly from my body stood up, and fast a sucks the tongue. But he seems to forget we are tied together of the facts, so he fell down and sat beside


“Ah!”My reaction to exclaim 1, to touch touch your lips, and I just… And he……

Good heavens! Good heavens! Good heavens! You want the whole die me!

JinYunHe expression very not the nature, he turned his head did not see me, make me up are at a loss.

“Congratulations on two! You won two
Host hand-held microphone excited enraptured to we said.

Title? How? I clearly fell down…… I looked around and saw me and JinYunHe fallen place is not elsewhere, it is the finish line position!

Emperor! You also be in to help me? I forced a smile struggled to stand up and JinYunHe looked at it and also stood up.

How to do? Just exactly is how to return a responsibility? Embarrassed dead! How do I face him?

“Say, you see? Just like JinYunHe Yin and Xi kissed gets.” The audience was on this question.

“There is? How do I didn’t see?”

“It seems like there is a say, I also saw, as
“I don’t see ah, is probably you are wrong.”

“Well, o is, they are simply fall ah.”

“I will be wrong, strange……”

Fortunately, fortunately, just happen too suddenly, not everyone can see clearly, otherwise I is to jump the Yellow River also wash not clear! I just want to leave, but found

that I and his feet unexpectedly still tightly bound together!

“First pull down.” JinYunHe like in said to me and like talking to, then squat body to

careful tear down the root ribbon.

“Er… thanks, thank you.” I look around it is can’t see him.

“That… I, go first.” Always speak fluent he has also started stuttering.

“Well… uh……”

He exactly is how to return a responsibility? I again is how to return a responsibility? And I that more and more fast, more and more uncontrolled heartbeat is how to return a


Everyone…… How…