The Benefits When You Perform Songs

Music has always been a part of our lives. There always seem to be songs that bring you back to a time of your life. Personally, I grew up every morning to the “old” rock songs my uncle always listened to.

We put a lot of value in keeping our family scrapbooks. We had a separate scrapbook for each child and one for the family (we also had a scrapbook that was reserved for our family history: genealogy research). This may seem like “over kill” to some, but now that our children are grown, those scrapbooks are priceless to them. As each child left home, they took their individual scrapbook with them. We kept the “family” scrapbook and it stays on our living room coffee table as a proud reminder of our children’s lives from birth to present. We are still adding pages: GRANDCHILDREN!

A music teacher doesn’t have to be a business guru to write an effective ad. When creating an ad, keep in mind the goal is to get more people to respond to the ad by contacting you. Avoid the following common mistakes other music teachers make and create an effective online ad that will increase responses to your click resources ads and add more students and income for you.

Keep a list of on going activities for them to choose from. Encourage them to do things outside their realm, don’t insist, but encourage and see if they’ll at least give it a try. Some children find the thing they didn’t think they would like ends up being a lifelong passion, but they won’t know if they don’t try.

The number of children you have and their ages will dictate what activities will work best for your family. The listed examples we what we used for our family which included three children: 12-year old son, 8-year old son, and 4-year old daughter.

Have a talent night. You would be surprised how many people you know play an instrument, sing, dance, tell jokes, do funny things no one else can. It doesn’t have to be a good talent, just entertaining and serve lots of good red wine just to get things rolling.

“The tombstones need crosses,” I suggested, “and flowers.” So each little grave had a tombstone and we made little crosses out of sticks and grass and so the miniature graveyard was filled with little freshly dug graves. Then we went in search of flowers, raiding my mother’s flowerbeds to put a small flower on every grave. I thought it looked rather pretty, but the game was still not over.

Learning new skills will help give a person confidence to learn more. Business tactics are taught online and business opportunities abound with successes and failures. You can learn about the frauds and almost any subject you choose to online.

During this class, Dr. William Klindt, a local psychiatrist, will share visual brains scans and images to demonstrate alterations in brain function as a result of even small amounts of drug and alcohol use.

In the upcoming series of articles we’ll look at the powerful and profound Elements of Music. They are also the elements of our life. Applying them consciously enhances all that we do.