The Xingbang Crusher introduction of foreign advanced technology

    Slime dryer below by both the rise of firebrick boosting the increase of the drying system to achieve energy saving.Against plastic deformation of materials, to deal with a high moisture sticky wet clay slime dryer, mechanical feed as usual the accepted promotion machine + intermediate silo + disc feeder “or” tape machine + double turn board discharge valve “essentials.One hand assure of slime dryer heat load balanced and solid thermal system.Better logistics syetry.Lower segment oblique bad board.So burning bending deformation slip tube often leveraging roof or slime dryer fire stop seals,brick making machine the production lines have been built, due to the high furnace temperature, load changes.To avoid high temperature oxidation and hot smoke scour slime dryer.The finer material particles can not handle the problem of its use of a short life.The higher the evaporation intensity.Pellet group opposite.So hot stove load heating necessary to seek reasonable drying system configuration.Sticky.On fine granularity in the material itself,brick making machine water holding, plus a lot of clay minerals within it,Impact Crusher a lot of slime stickyFine-grained.The granularity of the material is quite thin, and there are a lot of fine particles, especially in the 200 mesh click occupies 7-9.Ash content is high, the low calorie fat.
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    The level of ash content and calorific value can slime divided into three categories: low ash coal slurry ash content of 20% to 32% of the calorific value of 12.5 ~ 20MJ/kg; 30% to 55% of gray slime ash, calorific value for 8.4 ~ 12.5MJ/kg; the high gray slime ash> 55%, the calorific value of 3.5 ~ 6.3MJ/kg.Humidity.The substance is a lot of moisture, three percent after the disc vacuum filter dewatering slime hydrous hydrous fold belt filter dewatering slime into 2-3, after pressure filtration Dewatering the slime water content in about two percent.positive flotation method applies to simple mineral composition the iron minerals Flotability, low-grade ores containing less sludge. alicey599 Today Henan Xingbang mines sorting iron ore a positive flotation joint ball mill,Hammer crusher the collector of fatty acids or hydrocarbyl sulfate and petroleum sulfonate.Usually in weakly alkaline or weakly acidic pulp flotation.With sodium carbonate and sulfuric acid to adjust the pH, dispersed with sodium carbonate the slimes and precipitated polyvalent harmful metal ionsThe advantage of this method is the prescription is simple, low cost, easy to operate.The drawback is that the mud more iron ore pre desliming, multiple selection in order to get qualified products.This method is often foam sticky and difficult to concentrate filtration, so concentrate containing a high moisture content.Petroleum sulfonate flotation iron ore attracted attention these years.Petroleum sulfonate and tall oil as collector,cone crusher sulfuric acid, sodium silicate as the adjustment is agent.The petroleum sulfonate better selectivity, resulting concentrate grade.Our Qidashan iron ore concentrator prefer to use this pharmacy system, get the better indicators of beneficiation.Available ore 26.6% Fe grade of 65% concentrate recovery rate of 78%.
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