Peruse the surface. Most ultimate games are played on grass or turf. While most turf is consistent, the condition of grass fields varies widely from parched, brown, brick-hard hay to lush 2-inch deep Kentucky bluegrass. On a dry surface or one with very short grass, many ultimate players prefer to wear Cheap Soccer Shoes,which are also used for soccer. This is a soccer boot with many small nubs on the sole rather than a few spread out “cleats.” On very thin, hard turf the same applies. On a dry surface with longer grass, you will want cleats with long cleats to maintain traction.

On newer turf fields you will often find that the fake grass is actually long enough that you could consider wearing cleats rather than turf shoes.Take note of the conditions. Nothing is worse than playing ultimate in flats when the ground is muddy. On a wet field it is essential to play with long spikes. For this, often football or lacrosse adidas F50 adiZero cleats are best, because soccer cleats tend to have shorter spikes. If it is raining, the ground will get soft quickly. On a hot dry day use turfs or short spikes because the ground will get hard and longer cleats will push back into the bottoms of your feet.3Know your style of play. For elite speed players the weight of the adipure iv fg cleat is something to take into consideration. The lightest cleats on the market in 2008 are just under 10 ounces. These tend to be expensive, but you can find both soccer and lacrosse cleats in this weight range.powered by xmby dds-cheap soccer cleats-2012-08D-31

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