If this fire really be * longitudinal, then the man’s repair for will be very scary, that the strong want to take his soul, unwind and can do it. The man to cooperate, suction fire depths, presumably is don’t have intention. (kaka literature www.kakawenxue.com)

In that case, not let nature take its course.

As long as see the man, everything will understand ghd straighteners if the timing’s right, perhaps return ability win a slim chance of survival, will not be better than here rack one’s brains, hard struggle?

“Alas, this one thousand years, grandma I is a tragedy ah” seemed to realize NieKong idea, green month helplessly sigh. But although sigh, blue month but also understand, in that case, NieKong choice is the most suitable.

“As long as the undead, you know the long time, around the piece of red vanity violent shake up.


Sound like LieBo sounded, and a crack appeared suddenly from the foot, NieKong only saw one eye, body and dropped in, then, the top of head of crack moment closed, all the light is kept in the outside, the line of sight of NieKong a dark.

But, right now NieKong did not care about this, =, the dead beyond imagination was rich. Outside “flame of heart” dead in a concentration has enough, but this is “flame of heart” several times.


After a moment, the weight be born of voice broke the silence all around, it is NieKong feet on the field.

“The spirit” print”

Nie hollow read move, “god of war pentacle” raged a piece of golden light shining, and the moment becomes a golden figure will NieKong covered, millions of golden mans blasting away, in an instant, has the darkness, and will have bright light around.3