ust put the head to retract the blue month and can’t help from NieKong chest drill out half a body, in surprise – blinked, the voice in the NieKong head echoing up: “NieKong, the red man good bad, once the grandma I see through.”

“Yes, her body is” blue month magic heart blue “.

NieKong is indifferent, that as a at least lived cheap christian louboutin four thousand years old monster, can see through natural green month is not rare.

“‘ blue month magic zimran ‘?”

The old man will chew the name again, finally shook his head, seems to be for the first time heard. After a moment, the old man and laughed with pointed to the NieKong body: “this second special place, is your body if the old was not wrong, there should be hiding a dead incarnate the embodiment of uniting the or wood spirit force, this wood spirit force fusion too much freedom spirit force element, more can absorb vitality”


NieKong also do not deny that, in the old The old man then way: “NieKong, you ontology of uniting the dark spirit force, incarnation of uniting the variation wood spirit force, more importantly, you unexpectedly can also from dark spirit force element will be vitality separation out to fix for the ascending embodiment, make ontology, incarnation neck and neck. So wonders, the old man still see for the first time, and do it, was only a fix for the weak to poor practitioners.”

NieKong unconsciously forced smile, his body is six order black spirit division, the second incarnation is be in this old man’s mouth, but “to fix for the weak to poor”.

“Is there?” NieKong light suction breath way.

“Of course”

The old man refers to NieKong chest, say with smile, “the third special place, is your arms. Although the watery fills his bottle can isolate all spirit force, but still hiding from an induction. This watery spiritual is not strong, but rather strange, cold and hot but can perfect fusion at a suit. If it were not so dark beast, you use it, no others escort, can go in and out dark sea.”

NieKong nodded, again way: “the fourth?”