Quotes are treasure of knowledge expressed in easy words that generally leave a deep impact on a person’s mentality. The quotes center on different points of a human nature, such as relations, internal strength, outlook, or determination. life journey quotes are a required motivational messages that guide a person on the art of living that he must follow. As all people very well knows, life is not easy in reality sometimes it can be really difficult to deal with the everyday situation. life is tough quotes inspire a person to progress forward in life by beating all the difficulties that come in life. They pressure upon keeping a positive approach even in the worst conditions. People who read them recognize that life is precious and beautiful.

Today faith is becoming a sentiment that is gradually fading away from us and finding faith must begin with defining faith. What is faith? Faith means trust and understands something; it has religious or spiritual connotations. quotes about faith in god support people to grow their perseverance and will power to achieve their goals by keep faith in god. Laughing is the best medicine and everyone enjoys laughing. On the scientific front, laughter helps in making good health. Laughing gives full of energy and freshness to the person and uplift the emotional state to positive level Laughing gives release from physical and mental stress. It gives healthier attitude towards problems. It is a part of life which can’t be underestimated laughing fills freshness and relaxation to the person. funny god quotes play an important role in laughing.

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