Wan heart naive bit her lips, as if is really does not want to hurt people to. “Nor do I, but if you directly from Syria male elder brother I also not pull Syria cloud launching. You think about it, a let brother back purpose

woman, Syria Yang elder brother still need you? Syria cloud because you born Yang Syria of Jericho gas, Syria Yang elder brother will add the account to calculate your head.” Wan heart ah’s smile, “when the time

comes cheap christian louboutin to male elder brother and your divorce is taken for granted. To my happiness, I also can sacrifice Syria cloud.”

“Zhao wan heart! You don’t too far!” She is really can’t take wan heart, can be called fair people I’m afraid eyes this woman.

“I ask you once, why don’t you leave Syria male elder brother?” The wan heart face no smile, but rare biting.

“Unless Syria Yang to and I divorce, or shall I leave Yang Syria is absolutely impossible!” Like wan heart so bad woman what qualifications in Syria with Yang side, she will only give Syria Yang trouble.

Chapter 16 storm cork (1)

Wan heart from on the edge of the bed arose, and stared at  the purple forest half ring, again

ask, “I’ll give you another chance, do you want to and Syria male elder brother divorce?”

“You forget it! In this life you don’t wish I offer divorce! Zhao wan heart, if you really don’t have skill in secret fidget!” Have the ability to let Syria Yang killer! She ratio who all know, in Syria Yang heart no

one can replace ZhuangRong position.

“Yang Syria brother kind-hearted, you will also in straitened circumstances. Will you marry home, you say how could he and divorce you? You know one’s place is automatic step aside, otherwise don’t blame me

you’re welcome!”

“Do you want?” Wan heart words made her tremble with fear, this woman want to make up behind the wind rain is inevitable.

But she was absolutely unable to stop, “can’t you use some proper technique?”

“I always do things are very fair ah, tell to cloud your wrist injury also have no cover anything. You would not active divorce, that also can’t blame I do too away.” Open the door against on the door frame,

turned to purple forest concern said, “LinJie purple to have a good rest well, what can I do though say, even if not go to work I will take good care of you!”

Purple forest really can’t bear to see her features, will hold pillow throw in the past, “you roll! Don’t be affected in front of me, you don’t sick I feel for you sick!”