Sukhna Lake is an inseparable part of the city and people of Chandigarh. It is fringed by a golf course to the south and the famous Rock Garden of Chandigarh by Nek Chand to its west.

Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh was designed by the chief engineer P.L. Varma and the residents of Chandigarh consider it to be the greatest gift given to him by Le Corbusier. Motor boats are not allowed in the lake and vehicular transport on top of the dam where there is a beautiful promenade or a walk way is also prohibited, in order to retain the tranquility and peace of the lake.

The walk way on top of the dam or the Bandh is utilized by fitness lovers for morning walks and jogging. Families in and around the region enjoy quality time of togetherness and nature lovers find it a haven for a peaceful nature watch. Children enjoy roller skating on the roads near Sukhna Lake. Photographers and painters love to capture the scenic beauty of the setting sun, the heavily clouded monsoon sky and the early morning mist in winter set amidst the tranquility of the lake.

The membership-based Lake Club in Sukhna has lawns, a gym, indoor games, swimming pool and tennis courts with both synthetic and grass courts. There are facilities for a lot of water sports like boating, rowing, sculling, sailing, kayaking and water skiing, all which can be enjoyed in Sukhna throughout the year. The lake, which was the venue for the Asian Rowing Championships, has the longest channel for rowing and yachting events in Asia.

The Government of India has declared Sukhna Lake as a protected national wetland. A lot of migratory birds like Siberian Ducks, Storks and Cranes come here during the winter months. During summer season, men, women and children from all walks of life offer voluntary service to de-silt the lake bed for about three months. Heavy siltation was a huge problem of the Lake during the early years. This annual ritual of de-siltation has been a regular feature since a long time from now.

Venue for a lot many festivals and celebrations, Sukhna Lake regularly hosts popular festivals like Mango Festival during the monsoon season. The Mango Festival displays a wide variety of mangoes. From time-to-time other food festivals, featuring specialties from different states of India, are also held here, along with cultural performances from different parts of the country.

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